Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Examples

Mechanical Engineers use scientific and mathematic principles to come up with technical solutions to problems in areas like construction, engine design and manufacturing.

Your cover letter is the first point of contact between you and the person who could one day be your future boss. You therefore want to make sure that your cover letter is an accurate description of who you are as a professional and what you can bring to the table, so to speak, in terms of your experience and skills.

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Free Mechanical Engineer cover letter example

Dear Ms. Gertrude Schultz:

I have contributed to the profitability and success of major manufacturing organizations by orchestrating expert alignment of LEAN Manufacturing process with enterprise objectives. As an accomplished senior level Electrical Controls & Test Engineer, I offer 15+ years of expertise in automatic testing, electronic manufacturing and engineering management. Now I would like to bring my unique capabilities to serve the vision of your company as your next Mechanical Engineer.

My expertise in all levels of technical and mechanical engineering in addition to the ability to translate complex analysis into layman’s terms has provided superior training and support for corporations. Additional strengths include systems knowledge, software engineering and creative problem solving. I am able to identify and provide process improvements and cost savings within highly technical environments.

Highlights of my qualifications include:

Produced annual cost savings of $200K by implementing an automatic extraction/stacking device that reduced FTE by 2.5 individuals and increased efficiency.

Reduced nearly 3000 hours of rework/per year, through installation of more accurate cameras that were able to detect missing parts, resulting in $60K cost savings and increased quality.

Created a more accurate method to automatically measure gas leaks which reduced downtime and delays of as many as 6000 units, saving up to $3M in delayed shipments.

Developed Visual Basic programs to convert AutoCAD DXF data to machine control data.

Experienced in government contract projects, developed F15 countermeasure electronic test software.

For a more detailed presentation of my skills and background, please review the enclosed resume. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Abel Gordon

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Include These Mechanical Engineer Skills

  • Designing reverse engineering of motors for government specifications
  • Preparing and performing presentations for customers and projects reviews
  • Developing and designing all aspects of mechanical components, assembly tools, and testing equipment
  • Providing the best concepts by monitoring concept and design review meetings

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!

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