GIS Analyst Cover Letter

GIS Analysts process, interpret and analyze large amounts of geographic data before transforming that data into more easily readable charts, graphs, and displays. Key functions GIS include entering and gathering data, creating maps, performing field work and designing, preparing, maintaining and updating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases. GIS Analysts use specialized computer systems and programs to complete most of their daily tasks.

Our collection of sample cover letters for GIS Analysts typically mention the following skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in geography, cartography, surveying or a related field
  • 1-9 years of experience
  • Extensive and up to date geographic and cartographic knowledge
  • Computer proficiency
  • Programming proficiency
  • Experience with specialized software such as Esri ArcGIS 10x
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work well with a team
  • Relevant certification from a reputable certification program

The cover letter below exemplifies similar skills and qualifications:

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Dear Ms. Moore,

I am submitting my resume for the position of GIS Analyst. With a bachelor’s degree in geography, more than four years of experience, voluntary GIS certification and a knack for accurately analyzing data, I believe that I am a qualified candidate for this position and would be a valuable asset to the MapWorks team.

My professional experience includes designing, maintaining and updating GIS databases, converting complex data into information that is easily readable and accessible to the general public, creating highly accurate maps and considerable field experience. Over the course of my career thus far, I have learned that excellent team communication and a passion for geography, in general, are just as important for success as extensive technical knowledge.

Here are some highlights of my qualifications in experience:

  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Illinois
  • Received voluntary certification from the GIS Certification Institute
  • More than four years of experience as a Junior GIS Analyst
  • Managed and reported several databases
  • Created several accurate maps
  • Helped to coordinate team projects
  • Used best practices for web development and data modeling

I hope to have the opportunity to bring my love of geography, strong work ethic and diverse range of skills to the team at MapWorks.

I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to speaking with you further about this position.

Warm regards,

Howard McGregor

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