GIS Technician Cover Letter Examples

GIS Technicians use data and computer science to create maps and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications. Standard work activities include preparing data visualizations based on GIS data, using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create GIS maps, entering data into GIS applications and reviewing all data for accuracy, creating and maintaining GIS databases and analyzing various aspects of GIS data depending on project specifications.

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Free GIS Technician cover letter example

Dear Mr. Delmore,

Upon learning of your need for a GIS Technician, I am writing to you to submit my resume for consideration. As a GIS Technician with three years of experience creating GIS maps and databases using software such as ESRI ARCGIS, I am sure I have the assets required to be of service to your organization.

My professional experience includes collecting and entering data into GIS Databases and then creating maps and other GIS applications based on this data. I believe I have the skills necessary to help Liberty Environmental Services grow and prosper.

Below are my most relevant skills and accomplishments.

Earned Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from Georgia University

Created database based for flood zone data analysis

Developed GIS Maps of flood zones using the map creation software ESRI ARCGIS

Trained new GIS Technicians on safety and quality assurance procedures

Provided data visualizations in collaboration with GIS Analysts

In addition to these accomplishments, I believe my analytical mind and ability to solve complex problems set me apart from my competition. If you would like to grant me an interview, then please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.


Darrel T. Johnson

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Include These GIS Technician Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Computer Science, or Engineering
  • Proficiency in map creation software
  • Proficiency in SQL database development
  • Detail orientated
  • Active listening skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Complex problem-solving skills
  • Logic and reasoning skills
  • Analytical skills

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