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Brand Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities

Generating interest in a company is not always easy. Consumers have a range of choices, so businesses need to find ways to stand out. To this end, Brand Ambassadors may be charged with a variety of tasks. From our analysis of job listings, these are some of the main things Brand Ambassadors may be called upon to do:

Demonstrate Merchandise Brand Ambassadors bring products to life. They may show at a store or an expo how something works, such as a cleaning product removing a stain or an electronic toy in action.

Distribute Samples Letting people try something for themselves is a great way to build interest and trust. A parent may be hesitant to buy a whole package of a new granola bar if unsure whether or not the kids will like it. But if a Brand Ambassador passes out free samples that get a thumb's up, the decision becomes easier. Handing out coupons is another frequently used tactic.

Inform Customers With their superior knowledge of what they are promoting, Brand Ambassadors field questions about the product or service and convey what makes their company better or different than competitors. They may pass out literature with details, statistics or testimonials that support what they are saying. For food products, they may chat with customers about uses in various recipes.

Generate Sales Brand Ambassadors work to increase sales both directly and indirectly. They may have items available to purchase on the spot. In such cases, they are responsible for displaying them, monitoring sales and reporting figures to management.

Build the Brand Brand Ambassadors may spend time on social media interacting with the public, answering questions and conversing about the company. They also may be responsible for the same types of actions in a physical environment, such as helping holiday shoppers choose gifts at a boutique. Some may travel to conferences, festivals or any other venue whose attendees might be part of their target audience. For instance, Brand Ambassadors for a beer company may routinely have a presence at sporting events.


Brand Ambassador Skills

Part educator, part promoter, Brand Ambassadors need to know everything they can about what they are trying to sell and to display their enthusiasm for the product or service in ways that get others equally excited. When selecting Brand Ambassadors, hiring managers look favorably upon the following:
  • Interacting seamlessly with anybody
  • Listening carefully to understand customer concerns and offer a thoughtful response
  • Speaking clearly and invitingly to encourage interaction
  • Dressing appropriately, being polite and representing the company favorably at all times
  • Learning willingly as new products get developed or improved features become available

Brand Ambassador Education and Training

Brand Ambassadors typically hold at least a high school diploma. Many have taken college courses or have earned a post-secondary degree. Common fields of study include marketing, communications and business. Brand Ambassadors go through a good amount of on-the-job training to become thoroughly familiar with the products and services they are assigned to promote.

Brand Ambassador Salary

The median annual salary for Brand Ambassadors, categorized by the BLS as Demonstrators and Product Promoters, is $25,610. Brand Ambassadors in the 10th percentile earn about $19,400 a year, and the highest paid make more than $48,400 a year. Brand Ambassadors in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia make the highest median salaries in the U.S. - $40,890, $35,550 and $34,240, respectively.

Brand Ambassador Resources

While we've provided a great deal of information on becoming a Brand Ambassador, there's plenty more to learn. Here are three books that people interested in the career may find helpful:

Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force by Rob Fuggetta - The job of Brand Ambassadors becomes easier when they tap into the power of loyal customers who truly love their product. This book explores how to harness the power of advocates. Readers praise its "actionable advice" that will get you to rethink marketing strategy.

Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning over Your Brand Ambassadors by Dr. Michaela Merk - Brand Ambassadors interested in understanding what it takes to create and build a luxury brand will enjoy this thorough, yet easy-to-read book by an author who is an international marketing and retail expert.

Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company's Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible by Gregory V. Diehl - Covering such topics as why identity matters, creating your brand identity and telling your story to the world, Brand Ambassadors reading this Amazon bestseller are sure to walk away with a better appreciation of their role in a company's marketing strategy.

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