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General Helpers help production workers by performing duties that require less skill, such as supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work areas and equipment. Responsibilities highlighted on example resumes in this field include moving material to proper locations; notifying personnel of shipment arrivals; loading parts, materials, and fixtures according to instructions in the process specifications; and reporting and correcting faults with products. Sample resumes show that postsecondary education is not a requirement in order to become a General Helper.

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General Helper Resume Success Stories

General Helper Resume FAQ

How do you say you do inventory on a resume?

The most effective way to describe inventory experience on your resume is to highlight common duties or responsibilities, such as:

  • Handling accurate stock counts.
  • Recording data manually or digitally via handheld devices, localized computers or company-wide databases.
  • Packing and unpacking items.
  • Verifying noted inventory against current stock.
  • Investigating discrepancies or consistent errors.
  • Creating and analyzing inventory reports.
  • Managing integrated inventory tracking software or systems.

What are the duties of a general helper?

The duties vary on the input/output of your warehouse. However, your inventory manager may require the following support:

  1. Prepare the warehouse floor and processing areas with the necessary tools and equipment.
  2. Receive/distribute shipments.
  3. Assist floor manager with task or tool assignments.
  4. Report any issues or delays to the supervisor and inventory management systems.

What are the skills of a helper?

Your responsibilities as a general helper vary depending on the needs of your warehouse manager, facility and region. However, the following skills may help you tackle your daily duties.

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Inventory management
  3. Data entry
  4. Organization
  5. Tool operation and maintenance
  6. Quick math skills
  7. Critical thinking
  8. Attentive listening skills
  9. Written and verbal communication

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