Operations Associate Job Description

In the broadest sense, Operations Associates assist the Operations Manager in completing clerical and administrative tasks related to the functionality of the organization. Specific duties for Operations Associates vary depending on industry, and virtually every customer or client-facing industry employs Operations Associates. With that being said, Operations Associates typically focus on the financial, stock and human resource aspects of a business.

This role is an entry-level position that requires little formal education. Most employers will hire candidates with only a high school diploma. Most of the education for Operations Associates comes in the form of on-the-job training. The work environment for Operations Associates also varies by industry. It all depends on what the “operations” of their employer’s business entails.


Operations Associate Duties and Responsibilities

Job Duties

Operations Associate
2014 - Present

Lvmh Group

Coordinating with event managers in addressing the requirements of event planning.

Negotiating contract agreements at an operational service level.

Ensuring fulfillment of business needs by interacting with clients on a regular basis.

Collaborating in event and program management.

As mentioned above, the specific duties and responsibilities for Operations Associates depends on their industry of employment. For example, an Operations Associate in the fashion retail industry and an Operations Associate in the airline industry will have different responsibilities. With that being said, here are the Operations Associate duties and responsibilities that transcend industries.

Place Supply and Inventory Orders

Operations Associates are responsible for placing the supply and inventory orders for their employer. This could be as basic as making sure the office has office supplies, or this could involve ordering stock in a retail environment.

Source and Screen Candidates

Operations Associates wear a few different hats within an organization. One of these hats is HR employee, as they are often involved in sourcing and screening candidates. This requires one to fully understand the expectations of an open position, and the ability to articulate to candidates the perks of working with one’s company.

Assist in the New Hire Onboarding Process

Operations Associates are typically responsible for handling the paperwork involved with officially bringing a new candidate on board. They’re also responsible for orientating the new hire to their position, and they must be available to answer any questions the new hire may have.

Assist in Creating Employee Schedules

Operations Associates assist the Operations Manager in creating employee schedules. This also involves processing sick time, vacation requests and maternity leave. This task requires optimal organizational skills.

Help Operations Manager Implement Company Standards of Procedure

The Operations Manager is often the creator of a company’s Standards of Procedure. Operations Associates are the manager’s agents for implementing these procedural standards. This includes conducting employee performance reviews and documenting any write ups.

Operations Associate Skills


Exceptional experience of analyzing, executing and supervising projects and financial management.

Operational knowledge of software like Javascript, BlueCherry, and VB.

Profound knowledge of Microsoft Excel together with advanced formulas and macro writing.

Familiarity with Credit related applications and programs.

Operations Associates rely mostly on their brains to perform their duties and responsibilities. They rely on their mathematical acumen to complete clerical tasks, such as creating sales and budget reports. They also rely on their organizational skills to create employee schedules, manage inventory and source and screen candidates. Speaking of candidates, Operations Associates in most companies are involved in the hiring process. This means they must also have good communication skills.

The following list of skills is composed of the skills that popped up most frequently during our research of Operations Associate job descriptions.

Proficiency with Spreadsheets: Whether it is creating employee schedules, managing inventory or keeping track of candidates, Operations Associates must be proficient with spreadsheet software.

Organizational Skills: Operations Associates are responsible for keeping track of several important employee documents. Although technology has made this easier, they still must have good organizational skills to do their job.

Written and Verbal Communication Skills: Sourcing and Screening candidates involves communicating with a lot of people. This can be done either through emails or over the phone, so Operations Associates must have both written and verbal communication skills.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail: Implementing a company’s procedural standards requires the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. Operations Associates also need attention to detail when managing inventory.

Analytical Skills: Operations Associates call upon their analytical skills when evaluating candidates as a potential fit for a particular job opening. They also use their analytical skills when creating sales and budget reports.

Operations Associate Salary

According to online sources, the national average salary for Operations Associates is $44,343. Those at the bottom of this scale earn $25,000, while those at the top of this scale earn $76,000.


Operations Associate Tools of the Trade

Operations Associates really on a handful of digital tools to make their jobs easier. The following is a list of those tools.

Spreadsheet Software: Operations Associates use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel , to create employee schedules. They may also use spreadsheet software to generate sales and budget reports.

Inventory Management Software: Tracking and ordering inventory is typically done through inventory management software. The software is typically linked to the POS system to ensure real-time accuracy of inventory.

Applicant Tracking Software: Applicant Tracking Software is used in the recruiting process to track where candidates are in the recruitment cycle.

Operations Associate Resources

APICS – The APICS is the leading professional association for anyone who works in Supply chain management. They have over 45,000 members in over 100 countries, many of which are Operations Associates. They have also certified 125,000 professionals through their certification programs.

RecruitingDaily.com – Recruiting Daily is one of the top blogs in the recruiting industry. It is a great resource for Operations Associates who find themselves responsible for sourcing candidates.

Workology – This blog is run by industry professionals, and is a great place to keep current on industry trends. It also has a corresponding podcast.


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