Service Assistant Job Description

Service assistants work for businesses that include food service, customer service, automotive services, and other industries, performing tasks as assigned by managers, supervisors, or team leaders. Service assistants work flexible full- and part-time work shifts, including hours during nights, weekends, and holidays. These professionals work closely with supervisors and managers, completing various tasks to assist them with day-to-day business operations. Travel is rarely required for this job.


Service Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Service assistants perform many varied tasks based on their industry and the manager or supervisor they primarily assist. However, service assistants are responsible for several primary core duties no matter where they work:

Clean Work Area

Service assistants perform various cleaning tasks that can include sweeping and mopping floors, washing linens and laundry, wiping down counters and displays, and taking out trash.

Answer Phones

Service assistants answer incoming phone calls from customers and answer questions, schedule appointments, or route calls to the appropriate person to address various customer issues.

Provide Customer Service

Service assistants greet customers, answer their questions, and direct them to the right department or manager to fulfill their needs.

Assist Management

Service assistants fulfill tasks as assigned to them by managers and supervisors, providing assistance in all daily business operations when needed. They also frequently report to management to keep supervisors apprised of daily business operations, customer concerns, and problems as they occur.

Order Supplies

Service assistants monitor inventory levels and order new supplies as needed to replenish stock, be it cleaning materials, merchandise, office supplies, or other items required by the business.

File Paperwork

Service assistants sort and file paperwork, such as receipts, invoices, and correspondence.


Service Assistant Skills and Qualifications

Service assistants are detail-oriented professionals who use customer service skills to assist with daily business operations and perform tasks as assigned to them. Employers look for service assistants who have the following essential skills:

  • Customer service – service assistants use their customer service skills to answer questions, direct customers, and help solve customer problems of all types
  • Communication skills – because service assistants report regularly to managers and answer incoming phone calls, they need excellent verbal communication skills
  • Computer skills – many businesses use software programs to maintain inventory systems and manage other operational functions, so service assistants have at least basic computer skills
  • Attention to detail – in order to fulfill tasks as assigned, service assistants need strong attention to detail
  • Time management – service assistants manage multiple tasks at once and fulfill many duties in a single workday, which requires good time management


Service Assistant Education and Training

Many employers require service assistants to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Usually no special education or experience is required beyond this, as many employers train employees to be service assistants as an entry-level job. The training period varies by employer and may last for several weeks. During training, service assistants are closely monitored by their manager or supervisor before performing hands-on tasks independently.


Service Assistant Salary and Outlook

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that social and human service assistants earn $33,120 annually and $15.92 hourly. Social and human service assistants provide assistance to managers and other workers, the same as general service assistants. PayScale data shows that customer service assistants earn a median income of $12.12 hourly. Food service assistants earn a median hourly income of $11.32. In 2016, social and human service assistants occupied over 350,000 jobs. The BLS projects that this number will rise 16 percent through 2026, job growth that is much faster than the national average.

Many employers provide service assistants with benefits packages that include health insurance. Dental and vision coverage are sometimes included in these healthcare packages. After sustained employment, full-time service assistants receive paid vacation and sick days. Some companies may provide additional benefits to employees, such as tuition reimbursement and other forms of continuing education support.


Helpful Resources

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