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Cashier Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A cashier clerk's responsibilities will vary depending on the type of business they are working for, but there are a few core responsibilities that are very typical of the job. Based on current listings, cashier clerks can expect to be responsible for the following duties:

Greet Customers The cashier clerk is often the first employee a customer sees when they walk into a store, and cashier clerks are expected to act as the face of the business. They give customers a warm and friendly greeting when they arrive and let them know someone is happy to help them and answer any questions they might have.

Scan Purchases When a customer is ready to pay for their merchandise, they bring it to the checkout stand or cashier station. When the cashier clerk scans the merchandise, it is their responsibility to make sure it goes through the point of sale (POS) system correctly and that the correct price registers.

Process Transactions Cashier clerks are responsible for every aspect of a transaction. They total the amount owed and process the cash, check, or credit card payment. This often involves counting back correct change, making sure a check is filled out correctly, or asking to see identification for a credit card purchase. They also make sure the customer receives a receipt for the transaction.

Bag Merchandise Cashier clerks who work in a store or retail establishments will usually place the items in a bag for the customer to carry out. Cashiers who work in food service environments will make sure that the food and beverages are placed on a tray for the customer to take to a table.

Answer Customer Questions Customers often approach cashier clerks with questions about merchandise or where to find it. Cashier clerks can also expect to answer questions about store hours, the location of the restroom, and deal with any customer concern or complaint.

Cleaning and Maintenance Besides dealing with customers and transactions, cashier clerks are often responsible for maintaining the presentation of the business. They might sweep, dust, mop, or restock shelves during customer downtime or at the end of a shift.


Cashier Clerk Skills and Qualifications

People with a friendly attitude and a helpful demeanor who take pride in customer satisfaction will thrive working as a cashier clerk. Employers also look for candidates with the following skills:
  • Cash-handling skills - monetary transactions are the principle responsibility of a cashier clerk. They need to be able to take a payment and process it accurately and promptly
  • Basic math skills - even though the cash register does most of the calculations, cashier clerks need to have basic math skills to count back change accurately, deal with complicated transactions, or handle customers who are using multiple payment methods
  • Customer service - it is the job of the cashier clerk to deal directly with the customer and help the customer have a pleasant experience when shopping. They do this while maintaining a positive attitude and a helpful disposition
  • Product knowledge - the cashier clerk is often asked questions about merchandise and needs to be able to give the customer information about the products they are looking to purchase
  • Alertness - cashier clerks are responsible for large sums of money and valuable merchandise leaving the store. They need to be alert so they can effectively maintain the cash register and make sure customers pay for merchandise

Cashier Clerk Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for cashier clerks is $20,180 per year, or $9.70 per hour. The job outlook for cashier clerks is projected to show little change through 2026. Slow growth is due to an increase in online shopping and self-service checkouts. Depending on the number of hours worked, some cashier clerks are eligible to receive healthcare benefits and paid vacation, but most do not.

Cashier Clerk Helpful Resources

We've gathered information from all corners of the web to help you explore a job as a cashier clerk. Here are some resources to help you decide if this career path might be for you:

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How to Stand Out: 5 Dos and Don'ts for Cashiers - is an insider's guide on what to do and what not to do to be an effective cashier. It includes a fun video with Howard, "the world's best cashier"

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