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Technology Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Job duties vary for technology assistants depending on the computer hardware and software programs used in the building where they work. In any environment, however, technology assistants perform these core job duties:

Provide Technical Support and Training Technology assistants provide technical support for using computer accessories and computer software programs, such as teaching a user how to access email. They also answer questions about properly using computer applications and hardware.

Troubleshoot Software Issues Technology assistants troubleshoot computer software problems to isolate technical issues and determine their cause.

Perform Computer Maintenance Technology assistants perform computer maintenance to keep programs and hardware functioning smoothly. This includes installing updates and new software, performing hardware cleanup, and physically cleaning computers and equipment.

Replace Accessories Technology assistants replace nonfunctioning accessories like mice, monitors, and keyboards as needed.


Technology Assistant Skills and Qualifications

Companies prefer technology assistants who are detail-oriented problem-solvers that possess the following essential skills:
  • Customer service - because technology assistants provide assistance and training to others, strong customer service skills are highly desired by employers
  • Mechanical ability - technology assistants use their mechanical skills to install, diagnose, repair, and replace hardware, computer accessories, and office equipment
  • Communication skills - technology assistants use good verbal communication skills to relay complicated information about computer software programs in a way that's easy for others to understand
  • Computer skills - technology assistants work with computer programs daily, which requires excellent computer hardware and software skills
  • Problem-solving skills - technology assistants use sharp problem-solving abilities to diagnose and fix computer problems
  • Attention to detail - good attention to detail is essential for technology assistants, who must diagnose computer problems and office equipment issues

Technology Assistant Education and Training

Technology assistants need at minimum an associate's degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar field. However, many companies require technology assistants to have a bachelor's degree in one of these fields. For some employers, past work experience can substitute for formal education. Technology assistants go through little job training because they already have the education to understand the basic functions and daily duties associated with the job. Employers do provide technology assistants with an orientation period to familiarize them with the software programs and computer hardware used by the company. The orientation period typically lasts at least one week.

Technology Assistant Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer support specialists (who perform the same duties as technology assistants) earn a median salary of $52,810 yearly and $25.39 hourly. According to job data from PayScale, the median annual pay rate for technology assistants is $35,959. The BLS projects jobs in this field will grow 8 percent through 2026. This is faster than the average national job growth rate. Full-time technology assistants receive paid sick days and vacation leave. A majority of employers provide health insurance coverage with medical and dental benefits to full-time technology assistants. Part-time technology assistants do not typically receive benefits.

Helpful Resources

Find real-world job strategies and skills, job opportunities and education resources, and news updates and event dates with these books and websites geared towards technology assistants:

Association for Information Systems - visit the AIS website to learn more about working with information systems. This site also has career services, webinars, and other content for professionals who work with digital systems

A+ Guide to IT Technical Support - this book has step-by-step instructions for working with common computer hardware and software programs. Each chapter covers basic concepts technology assistants need to know

Technology Services Industry Association - research education options, training websites, and current technology topics at this website designed for all technology services professionals

Technical Support Essentials: Advice You Can Use to Succeed in Technical Support - learn tips and tools for providing technical support that solves problems

Association of Information Technology Professionals - AITP has information about training programs, upcoming event dates, and member benefits for information technology professionals of all kinds

A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists - learn how to manage troubleshooting and problem-solving to provide efficient computer support, skills that are essential for technology assistants

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