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Client Engagement Manager Duties and Responsibilities

No two client engagement managers are exactly alike, as specific skills vary from employer to employer. However, after analyzing online job postings, we identified several core duties and responsibilities common to the job:

Create Positive Client-Vendor Relationships

The main responsibility of client engagement managers is to create and foster a positive client-vendor relationship. This includes meeting often with both client and vendor management to ensure the project is moving forward appropriately.

Ensure Contract Terms Are Met

Client engagement managers ensure their employer meets all the terms of the contract for which they are responsible. This helps the client feel at ease with the client engagement manager and their employer.

Address Client Issues

As issues arise on a project, the client engagement manager addresses the problems and implements a plan to solve them. This involves setting goals and meeting with relevant teams to make sure they are met.

Collaborate with Sales Team

Client engagement managers often collaborate with sales teams to identify potential upsell opportunities with existing clients. These managers also help sales teams understand the needs of existing clients so that they can identify better selling opportunities.

Report on Project Progress and Performance

Client engagement managers report to project managers on progress and performance, especially in regard to client satisfaction. They meet with client management to gauge satisfaction and report on their findings.


Client Engagement Manager Skills and Qualifications

Client engagement managers are skilled communicators who use a critical eye when it comes to identifying potential problems and resolving them. They are highly educated and experienced. Client engagement managers also possess these skills and qualifications:

  • Change management experience – client engagement managers are familiar with the ways change can affect an organization. They understand how to make change as easy as possible on people who typically aren’t comfortable with it
  • Customer service – many client engagement managers have a background in customer service and support. They know how to listen to a client’s needs and address them appropriately
  • Client management – client engagement managers know how to work professionally with clients. This includes knowing how to manage client expectations and communicate information properly
  • Communication skills – client engagement managers are skilled communicators. They constantly communicate with their clients and their own team members through written and verbal means
  • Organization skills – client engagement managers are highly organized. They know what’s going on between different teams and keep team goals and plans organized so everyone clearly understands them

Client Engagement Manager Education and Training

Most client engagement managers possess at least a bachelor’s degree is a business- or communications-related field. Many client engagement managers also possess Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Minimal on-the-job training occurs after a new client engagement manager is hired, mostly because there is no single way of gaining high client satisfaction and engagement. However, client engagement managers may go through some basic training that introduces them to the client and project.


Client Engagement Manager Salary and Outlook

According to PayScale, client engagement managers make an average yearly salary of around $90,000. This salary can vary depending on experience and industry, with the highest earners making around $140,000 per year and the lowest earners making around $45,000 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), client engagement managers can expect to experience 9 percent job growth over the next decade. As vendors continue to work closely with clients, they understand the importance of high customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to an increased need for client engagement managers.


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