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Corporate Flight Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

Day-to-day duties vary for corporate flight attendants depending on the travel destination and the number of passengers onboard. However, there are many core tasks associated with this job, including:

Manage Catering on Flights Corporate flight attendants manage catering on corporate flights, ensuring that kitchen areas are fully stocked with ready-to-eat meals and snacks, both hot and cold. This includes planning menus and selecting dishes for flights.

Maintain Inventory Corporate flight attendants maintain, organize, and order all inventory on the aircraft, including foodstuffs, beverages, magazines, and toiletries.

Adhere to Safety Standards Corporate flight attendants adhere to all FAA safety regulations and ensure that all passengers follow these standards, such as putting on their seatbelts during take-off and landing.

Provide In-Flight Service During flights, corporate flight attendants serve food and beverages and respond to all other passenger requests. When asked, they make recommendations regarding available food and drink selections.

Clean and Organize the Aircraft's Interior Corporate flight attendants keep passenger and crew areas clean and organized. This includes washing dishes and linens.

Maintain Privacy and Confidentiality Corporate flight attendants maintain privacy and confidentiality for high-profile guests at all times. This includes maintaining a professional demeanor around recognizable politicians, celebrities, and other personalities.

Manage Passenger Manifest Corporate flight attendants manage the passenger manifest and keep an accurate count and record of all travelers onboard the plane. This includes checking all passenger identification and verifying this against the manifest, as required by federal law.

Perform Safety Checks Corporate flight attendants go through the aircraft to perform safety checks, ensuring that overhead compartments and tray tables are closed, among other in-flight safety standards.


Corporate Flight Attendants Skills and Qualifications

Corporate flight attendants provide excellent customer service to flight passengers, serve food and beverages, and maintain a professional demeanor during all situations. Employers who hire corporate flight attendants seek professionals who have the following essential skills:
  • Customer service - corporate flight attendants present an upbeat, friendly attitude to all travelers on flights, which requires strong customer service skills
  • Food planning and service - corporate flight attendants use culinary skills to plan menus and serve food and beverages that are displayed attractively. They also make knowledgeable food and beverage recommendations to passengers
  • Time management - corporate flight attendants use time management to perform food and beverage services, safety checks, and other duties at the right times during the flight
  • Multitasking - corporate flight attendants juggle many different tasks at once, which requires good multitasking
  • Communication skills - corporate flight attendants use verbal communication skills to instruct passengers and maintain in-flight safety

Corporate Flight Attendant Education and Training

A majority of employers require corporate flight attendants to have a high school diploma or GED. In addition to this education, candidates are often required to have Flight Safety Emergency training, Aircare or MedAire training, and CPR certification. There are many ways to receive this training through various federal and education programs. Employers provide training to new corporate flight attendants. This training period varies by employer and may last for several weeks. While in training, corporate flight attendants work closely with a senior corporate flight attendant and perform their duties while under supervision.

Corporate Flight Attendant Salary and Outlook

PayScale data shows that corporate flight attendants earn $59,650 in median yearly income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), flight attendants earn a median income of $50,500 annually. The BLS predicts the number of employed flight attendants will rise 10 percent by 2026, a rate that's faster than the national average. Benefits are not typically offered to corporate flight attendants, though some companies may provide basic healthcare insurance. Corporate flight attendants do receive reimbursement for hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel expenses they incur while working, as long as they save all receipts and invoices to show these expenses.

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