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Projector Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

We analyzed a handful of project supervisors job descriptions to come up with the following list of project supervisors' duties and responsibilities:

Participate in the Project Planning Process Project supervisors work with the project manager to create a project plan and outline the resources needed to complete each phase of the project. Project supervisors must understand how each component contributes to the project to best supervise it to completion.

Act as Communication Liaison between Low-Level Employees and Senior Management Project supervisors have to have a good rapport with low-level employees to gather valuable feedback regarding the production process. Happy workers are more productive, so it is up to project supervisors to work with senior management to settle any grievances.

Coordinate Labor Needs and Train Employees Project supervisors are responsible for coordinating all labor needs for a given project. This involves picking internal team members, as well as hiring and training external labor when necessary. It also involves creating and delivering project instructions to all team members.

Work with Account Management to Assess Client Needs Project supervisors spend a majority of their day collaborating with one department or another. This also involves meeting with the account manager for a given client project to clearly understand the client's needs and budget, which is required to provide effective supervision.

Facilitate the Purchase and Delivery of Resources Project supervisors work with the supply chain management team to order the resources necessary to complete a project. They also are responsible for the timely delivery of these resources.

Make Sure Projects are Completed on Time and on Budget Project supervisors perform all the tasks necessary to keep a project on time and on budget. This involves keeping track of financial records, shipment records, daily labor logs, as well as constant communication with senior management.


Project Supervisor Skills

Project supervisors need to be organized and able to think on their feet to be successful. When it comes to technical skills, project supervisors have to possess subject matter expertise in their area of employment. For example, those who work in construction have construction expertise. Project supervisors use this expertise to ensure employees complete project components correctly. For soft skills, project supervisors have to be excellent communicators. Part of their job is keeping their lower-level employees inspired, which requires the ability to build rapport and trust. Finally, project supervisors have to thrive in a deadline-driven environment. Besides these traits, project supervisors need the skills listed below to get hired:
  • Working with project manager to plan projects and outline needed resources
  • Facilitating communication and resolving conflicts between lower-level employees and senior management
  • Assigning internal team members to projects as well as hiring and external labor as needed
  • Evaluating the performance of project team members to maximize productivity
  • Using financial and budget analysis to make sure projects are completed within budget

Project Supervisor Education and Training

While it is possible to advance to this role with a bachelor's degree in a general subject such as business management, the most common path involves a bachelor's degree in project management. Depending on one's industry, it is possible to end up in a project supervisors role with a degree in IT, construction management, or engineering.

Project Supervisor Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for project supervisors is $59,870. Those at the bottom of the scale make $39,000 and those at the top of the scale make $85,000.

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