Delivery Manager Job Description

Delivery managers coordinate delivery team members, routes, and budgets to facilitate large shipments of products, materials, and goods. Businesses of all types with items to ship hire delivery managers to oversee every aspect of the delivery process and the entire shipping department. Delivery managers typically report to a general manager and work full- or part-time hours during days, nights, and weekends.

Someone in this position can expect to work predominantly in an office. At times, delivery managers may need to drive delivery vehicles, so some travel is required for this job.


Delivery Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Many types of businesses hire delivery managers to manage delivery staff and vehicles of all kinds. The core duties for this job, however, are the same for all companies.

Manage Delivery Teams

Delivery managers recruit, hire, train, and supervise delivery team members. This includes firing team members who are not fulfilling their duties.

Maintain Budget

Delivery managers also monitor and maintain the operational budget for the delivery department. This may include writing weekly and monthly budget reports for the general manager.

Create Distribution Plans

These managers create cost-effective distribution plans and efficient routes for deliveries using mapping software and other software programs.

Fill Orders

They also see that shipping orders are filled and ready for delivery by certifying that there is enough inventory in stock to fulfill orders.

Maintain Deadlines

Delivery managers ensure that deliveries are made within strict deadlines so that shipments arrive at their destinations on time.

Negotiate New Contracts

In addition to contacting potential customers to forge new contracts, delivery managers also negotiate delivery rates for new and existing customers.

Manage Customer Problems

As managers, these professionals answer questions for customers, track deliveries, and address customer complaints.

Maintain Inventory

Delivery managers purchase new stock items and keep inventory areas well-organized.

Make Deliveries

When drivers are not available, delivery managers make deliveries to ensure that stock arrives to customers as ordered.


Delivery Manager Skills and Qualifications

Delivery managers are highly-organized leaders who can manage many duties and staff members at once. Companies hire delivery managers who have an advanced degree or licensure in addition to the following skills:

  • Leadership – Delivery managers supervise driver team members and exhibit excellent leadership and management skills
  • Customer Service – These managers also directly address customer complaints and problems, which requires good customer service skills
  • Communication – Delivery managers have strong verbal communication skills to speak to customers and delivery team members daily as well as good written communication skills to create detailed reports
  • Computer Skills – Many companies use digital systems to maintain records and track delivery driver routes, so delivery managers possess at least basic computer skills.
  • Physical Ability – This can be a physically demanding position, so delivery managers can lift up to 70 pounds and walk or stand for long periods at a time during their regular work day
  • Multi-Tasking – Delivery managers are well-organized and good at juggling multiple tasks


Delivery Manager Education and Training

Most employers look for delivery managers who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related technical field. Past work experience in management and/or deliveries can be substituted for education. Delivery managers must also have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record. Special licenses, such as a CDL or Class A/B driving, may additionally be required, depending on the employer. Requirements for obtaining these licenses vary by state.

The initial training period for delivery managers could span from one week to several months, also depending on the employer. A general manager or similar leader supervises on-the-job training for this position.


Delivery Manager Salary and Outlook

Delivery truck drivers and driver sales workers occupied more than 1.4 million jobs in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number will grow by 4 percent from 2016 to 2026, slower than the national average. Delivery truck drivers and driver sales workers earned a median annual salary of $28,390 and a median hourly salary of $13.65 in 2016. Managers earn a higher income than delivery truck drivers. According to PayScale data, delivery managers earn a median annual income of $100,907.

Delivery managers receive complete benefits packages that provide health, dental, and vision insurance coverage. Vacation and sick days are provided after six months to one year of employment within the same company. Delivery managers also receive life insurance and retirement plans with their standard benefits. Some employers may offer bonuses to delivery managers who meet or exceed shipping goals.


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