Technician Supervisor Job Description

Technician supervisors monitor installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing, and repair work conducted by technicians. Technician supervisors work for businesses in all industries, from construction to service-oriented companies, and primarily report to upper-level managers. Technician supervisors manage teams of technicians in a supervisory capacity and travel into the field to oversee workers and conduct inspections on completed work orders. Companies hire technician supervisors to work full-time hours during all shifts, including nights and weekends.


Technician Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Technician supervisors have many job duties depending on the number of technicians they supervise and the industry they’re in. However, these core duties are the same despite those variables:

Supervise Technicians

Technician supervisors oversee various work tasks performed by technicians to ensure that customer demands are being met and all company regulations are being followed.

Design and Implement Policies

Technician supervisors design workplace policies and standard practices and ensure they are being followed by technicians.

Perform Inspections

Technician supervisors perform regular inspections of tools, vehicles, and equipment used by the company. Items that do not meet quality standards are replaced as needed.

Evaluate Completed Projects

Technician supervisors evaluate completed work orders to ensure that all policies and standards have been followed and that the customer’s needs are met.

Train Technicians

Technician supervisors train new technicians and provide ongoing training for experienced technicians.

Design Training Programs

Technician supervisors design and implement training programs and protocols for technicians to follow.


Technician Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Technician supervisors use strong leadership skills to train and supervise technicians, and use keen attention to detail to make follow-up inspections of all completed projects. Employers seek technician supervisors who demonstrate the following skills:

  • Leadership – technician supervisors need leadership skills to train and supervise all technicians
  • Attention to detail – technician supervisors use attention to detail to conduct thorough inspections of ongoing and completed work, and to search for imperfections that may compromise the finished project
  • Communication skills – excellent communication skills are essential for technician supervisors, who must speak effectively to technicians regarding all work projects and training programs
  • Computer skills – some computer skills are required for technician supervisors, as many companies use digital files and computerized work orders
  • Mechanical aptitude – technician supervisors need strong mechanical skills to inspect the tools, vehicles, and equipment used by technicians and determine whether these materials are up to company standards


Technician Supervisor Education and Training

Many employers look for technician supervisors who have a bachelor’s degree in an industry-specific field. In addition to education, many employers require technician supervisors to have past work experience in a related industry. Some employers accept work experience alone in place of a formal degree. Additionally, technician supervisors must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record because of the amount of travel required for this job.

Paid on-the-job training is given to new hires. During this period, they work closely with upper management to become familiar with the staff and the typical work projects carried out by the company. The length of the training period is different for all employers but is usually brief, lasting only a few weeks at most.


Technician Supervisor Salary and Outlook

PayScale data shows that technician supervisors earn an annual median salary of $59,000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), industrial engineering technicians earn a median salary of $54,280 annually. The BLS expects little to no job growth through the year 2026.

Technician supervisors receive health insurance that typically includes some dental and vision coverage. Life insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are also standard benefits provided by a majority of employers. Technician supervisors also receive paid holidays and vacation days. Some employers offer profit-sharing bonuses to technician supervisors in addition to regular salary.


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