Doorman Job Description

Doormen guard the entrance of a building, contributing to security measures and providing basic assistance. This entails opening doors for people and greeting them as they come in, but can include other services such as carrying luggage and receiving packages. A less obvious but extremely important aspect of the job is ensuring the safety of everyone inside. Doormen can work in hotels, resorts, shops, office buildings, and residential buildings, and shifts often cover evenings and holidays. Regardless of their work setting, it’s common for doormen to be on their feet for long hours, even staying outdoors regardless of the weather.


Doorman Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of doormen vary depending on their industry and specific employer, but based on job listings, doormen have the following core duties:

Greet and Assist People

Since doormen usually stand near the entrance, they have a significant influence on people’s first impressions of the building or company. It’s crucial for them to have a pleasant and courteous attitude. Doormen also greet guests or customers and provide assistance by opening doors, carrying bags, hailing rides, and directing people to the front desk.

Respond to Inquiries

For quick inquiries regarding directions or building facilities, people typically talk to doormen, who must be knowledgeable about all the features of the building as well as restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, and other important places in the vicinity. They may also hear about complaints or concerns, which they relay to co-workers from the appropriate department.

Monitor Safety

Doormen must stay alert during their entire shift in order to screen for security. As the first point of contact with people entering the building, they look out for suspicious activity and may check for identification or ask visitors to log in. In addition, they constantly inspect the building for safety, patrolling all areas, reporting damages, and reviewing surveillance.

Accept Packages

It’s a doorman’s job to receive mail and packages from courier services and hold these in safe storage until picked up by the intended recipient. To maximize clarity, they keep a record of deliveries and inform the recipients right after arrival.

Perform Administrative Tasks

Doormen perform other administrative tasks as requested by supervisors, such as coordinating materials for events and confirming building or guest information from databases. This role sometimes involves basic building maintenance, from clearing sidewalks during winter to cleaning the lobby.


Doorman Skills and Qualifications

Doormen are energetic individuals who enjoy interacting with people throughout the day. As personable as they are, they still have the assertiveness to enforce compliance with safety and establishment rules. Companies hiring doormen desire candidates who can display the following abilities:

  • Proper etiquette – successful doormen are polite and friendly, making people feel at ease right away. They greet everyone who comes in, and they use interpersonal sensitivity to proactively offer their services when needed
  • Customer service – committed to creating an excellent customer experience, doormen answer inquiries thoroughly and accommodate requests while remaining firm about rules and policies
  • Safety awareness – doormen must be able to recognize signs of potential danger and enforce safety measures, drawing from their knowledge of self-defense, disaster response, and first aid
  • Physical stamina – because this job requires standing for several hours regardless of the weather, physical stamina is vital. Doormen also sometimes carry heavy bags for customers
  • Attention to detail – being observant is a key characteristic of doormen, since they monitor deliveries, building premises, and everybody coming in. Beyond safety concerns, remembering details helps them connect better with people, especially residents or recurring customers


Tools of the Trade

To accomplish their daily tasks, doormen use the following:

  • Documentation tools (such as logbooks, Microsoft Excel, or database software)
  • Security tools (such as headsets, two-way radios, or surveillance cameras)


Doorman Education and Training

No formal qualification is necessary to become a doorman, although some employers look for a high school diploma or successful GED (General Education Development) test results, along with previous experience in security, hospitality, or customer service. Certifications in safety and first aid are an advantage, but not required. The main factor used by employers is a criminal background check, since they must determine if candidates are trustworthy. Once hired, candidates undergo brief training where they learn company information and ideal demeanor toward customers.


Doorman Salary and Outlook

PayScale reports that doormen have a median hourly salary of $15.72. Earners at the low end of the spectrum make $9 per hour, while the highest earners make $22. Location and specific industry have some influence on salary, as top earners tend to be those working in densely populated cities or employed by high-end hotels. Less than half of doormen can avail of medical and dental benefits, but they receive additional income in the form of customer tips.


Helpful Resources

We searched the web and found many resources that you can look through if you’re interested in becoming a doorman:

The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence – written by an expert on violent behavior, this book lists danger signals to watch out for and instructions on what to do in different situations, with a lucid psychological perspective that emphasizes being mindful of intuition

6 Characteristics of a Great Doorman – oriented towards security maintenance and conflict handling, it describes the essential qualities that doormen need to succeed in their job. The UK-based source company, Get Licensed, specializes in UK-based training programs for door supervisors, security guards, and more

The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service – Ideal for doormen who want to improve their customer service skills, this practical guide teaches how to put customers first through time-tested rules that are universally effective, whether for multinational corporations or for small coffee shops

Tips from a Doorman – this series from Brick Underground, a digital publication dedicated to helping people move into New York, consists of interviews with doormen who give true-to-life advice while explaining what their work is like


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