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Hotel Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Job tasks for hotel supervisors vary greatly depending on the hotel’s needs, the general manager’s instructions, and the number of available guest rooms. However, these core responsibilities are essentially the same in hotels of all sizes:

Supervise All Departments Hotel supervisors supervise operations in all hotel departments. This includes the laundry room, housekeeping, and the kitchen.

Supervise Front Desk Operations Hotel supervisors supervise front desk operations such as guest check-in and check-out, room inventory, and incoming phone calls.

Manage Hotel Staff Hotel supervisors supervise staff members and delegate tasks as necessary.They also train the front desk staff in hotel protocols, guest registration, and other duties.

Assist General Manager Hotel supervisors assist the general manager with management tasks such as creating employee work schedules and distributing payroll checks.

Maintain Inventory Hotel supervisors maintain the hotel’s inventory and order new items as needed.

Interact with Guests Hotel supervisors interact with hotel guests to ensure they receive a quality experience. This includes answering questions and addressing customer complaints.

Inspect Rooms Hotel supervisors inspect guest rooms and all other hotel areas for cleanliness and to ensure that hotel protocols are being followed.


Hotel Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Hotel supervisors lead hotel staff by example, using excellent customer service to keep guests happy and efficiently managing all hotel operations. Employers look for hotel supervisors who have the following skills:

  • Sales skills – good sales skills are essential for hotel supervisors, who often sell extra hotel services and amenities to guests to increase hotel profits
  • Customer service – hotel supervisors address customer problems, so customer service skills are highly desired by employers
  • Personnel management – hotel supervisors manage all hotel staff members, which requires strong leadership skills and management experience
  • Communication skills – hotel supervisors use excellent verbal communication skills to respond to directions from the hotel manager, relay instructions to staff, and interact with hotel guests
  • Time management – because hotels work on a shift-based schedule with strict check-in and check-out times, hotel supervisors need great time management skills
  • Organization skills – hotel supervisors keep each hotel departments running smoothly and coordinate staff all over the property, so employers look for highly organized professionals
  • Attention to detail – hotel supervisors inspect all areas of the hotel and manage all daily operations, which requires good attention to detail
  • Computer skills – because many hotel systems use software to manage everything from guest registration to employee payroll, strong computer skills are a must-have for hotel supervisors

Hotel Supervisor Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lodging managers earn a median salary of $51,800 annually, or $24.90 hourly. Lodging managers perform the same duties as hotel supervisors, from ensuring pleasant guest experiences to overseeing daily operations. The BLS predicts employment in this field will grow 4 percent through 2026. This rate is slower than the U.S. average. Some employers provide hotel supervisors with basic health insurance that does not usually include dental and vision coverage. Hotel supervisors may be offered participation in 401(k) retirement savings plans in addition to medical benefits. Paid vacation days are typically offered to hotel supervisors who stay continuously employed for three to six months.


Helpful Resources

Search for hospitality industry jobs, news, networking opportunities, techniques, and strategies using these resources for hotel supervisors who want to excel:

American Hotel & Lodging Association – search for jobs, look for certification programs, find information about low-cost colleges, and stay up to date on all hospitality news and networking events at the AHLA website

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry: Leading Human Resources – both new and experienced hotel supervisors can use this book to discover helpful tips and techniques for supervising

hotel operations, from the kitchen to the guest rooms and everything in between

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute – look for training programs, certification courses, and educational tools that hotel supervisors can use to advance their career and excel at managing hotel operations

Hotel Operations Management – review all aspects of hotel operations with this book, which covers every department of a full-service hotel and the daily tasks needed to keep each functioning smoothly. This book also provides tips on sales and marketing, maintenance, and how to manage staff members effectively

Hospitality Net – HN provides hotel industry professionals with webinars, networking event dates, important news updates and resources, market trends, and other information to help you stay at the top of your game

Check-In Check-Out: Managing Hotel Operations – discover best practices in the hotel industry and emerging trends in hospitality with this book, geared toward hotel supervisors and other workers who want to keep ahead of the rapidly changing hospitality industry