Call Center Executive Job Description

Call center executives are customer service professionals who serve as a company’s front line in making phone sales and addressing customer concerns. Working in this position requires some tech-savviness in order to talk on the phone while using a computer to find information or enter data. The work environment of a call center executive mimics the setup of a standard corporate office, but one key difference is the noise level. The sounds of people chatting on the phone are constantly in the background. The hours for this position depend on one’s employer. Some companies provide 24/ 7 phone support, so night, graveyard, and weekend shifts are all a possibility. Call center executives can find employment in virtually any industry, as many companies use call centers as part of their customer service strategy.

The role of call center executive is a supervisory position. Those who end up in this role first put in years as an entry-level call center agent. Call center executives are usually the top decision-makers in a call center environment. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for customer service representatives, which includes call center executives, is set to rise 5 percent through 2026.


Call Center Executive Duties and Responsibilities

Providing support to customers over the phone is not as simple as it sounds; it involves many other duties and responsibilities. We analyzed call center executive job descriptions to come up with a list of the most common call center executive duties and responsibilities:

Conduct Sales Calls

Call center executives sometimes have to conduct high-level sales calls. While not every call center focuses on phone sales, this is a primary responsibility for call center executives who do work in sales-based call centers.

Create and Implement Call Center Scripts

Low-level call center employees almost always work from a script that lays out the proper response to the most common complaints. This script is created by the call center executive. This requires constant analysis of service quality to make sure the scripts are as effective as possible.

Hire and Train Call Center Employees

Call center executives also serve as the head decision-maker in the HR process in the call center environment. This requires someone who is highly organized, as call centers can have hundreds of positions and a high turnover at the entry level. This position also involves training supervisors on how to onboard new employees.

Resolve Escalated Customer Complaints

Most customer complaints are able to be handled by low-level call center employees. The call center executive handles only complaints and product issues that have escalated beyond the capabilities of any other call center employee. There is no script for handling these situations, so this duty requires creative problem-solving skills.

Facilitate Inter-Departmental Communication

Providing efficient customer service depends upon efficient communication between departments. It is up to the call center executives to make sure systems are in place that allow their departments to communicate seamlessly.


Call Center Executive Skills

Call center executives need a certain set of skills to be successful. To succeed in this role, one needs to be able to maintain an energetic and upbeat attitude throughout the day. It also requires someone who can multitask and switch tasks without a hitch. After all, those who get to this position got there by having been great call center agents. Additionally, call center executives have to be excellent at resolving conflict, as they are the last stop in the escalation process. Finally, call center executives have to possess a passion for people. Their entire day involves constant communication, so it is not a role for an introvert. In addition to these qualities, here are some skills call center executives need to get hired:

  • Using sales and customer service knowledge to craft call center scripts
  • Resolving the most complex customer service issues using creative problem solving
  • Listening actively to customers and documenting information during calls
  • Analyzing service quality data to make executive strategy decisions
  • Facilitating efficient cooperation between all departments


Call Center Executive Tools of the Trade

  • Call Center Phone Software – call centers today typically have a digital-based phone software and accompanying headsets
  • Applicant Tracking Software this is used by call center executives to maintain a constant stream of applicants
  • Client Relationship Management Software – this is used to keep track of all customer information and the results of each customer communication


Call Center Executive Education and Training

Call center agents don’t need more than a high school degree to obtain initial employment within a call center. Reaching the executive level, however, takes years of call center experience. Some call center executives may have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management, but it isn’t a requirement.


Call Center Executive Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for call center executives is $50,000. Those at the bottom of the scale make $48,000, while those at the top of the scale make $52,000.


Call Center Executive Resources

If you think a career in the customer service industry is for you, check out the following list of resources:

National Association of Call Centers – Started in 2005, the National Association of Call Centers is an organization dedicated to improving and maintaining a high standard of quality in the work environment for call center employees around the country.

Call Center Network Group – Part of being a successful call center executive is networking with others in the industry to stay on top of the latest trends. The Call Center Network Group is the perfect organization for achieving that goal.

CallMiner – CallMiner provides products and enterprise services to call centers, but the reason they’re on this list is their excellent company blog. It is a great resource for those in call center management, including call center executives.

Fonolo – Fonolo is a wonderful blog for all levels of call service professionals. It is updated regularly with customer service tips and real-world call center case studies to back these tips up.

Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in the New Era of Customer Relationships – This book is the go-to reference book for many call center executives, as it contains actionable tips to easily make one a better manager.


Call Center Executive Resume Help

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