Software Tester Job Description

Software Testers make sure new software does what it was created to do. They act as quality assurance professionals by searching for coding and programming bugs that might cause the software to not operate correctly. By identifying problems before the software gets released, they ensure that computer systems and products that use technology are safe and effective – preventing headaches for their employers. Software Testers tend to work a standard business day inside an office. However, they may be called upon to perform overtime when software needs to be perfected before a deadline or asked to travel to a specific site to perform tests there. Career advancement can lead a Software Tester to become a testing team lead or a senior software tester.

Software is vital to business operations as well as a variety of goods. Thus, numerous industries employ Software Testers. For instance, car manufacturers want to be certain tech systems operate correctly before releasing vehicles that could malfunction and need to be recalled. Healthcare companies require programs that correctly and confidentially store information that multiple doctors may access. From defense to finance, Software Testers make important contributions to quality.


Software Tester Duties and Responsibilities

To accomplish their goal of testing software before it makes its way into mass use, Software Testers perform a variety of tasks. Some of their primary duties, based on our analysis of job postings, include the following:

Assessing design

Software Testers often are involved with developers and other colleagues from the beginning of a project to offer input on the potential pros and cons of structuring a program in a certain way.


The heart of their job, Software Testers think about the best ways to evaluate the software and then perform a variety of automated and manual tests in order to figure out if the software serves its purpose and consistently produces desired results.

Writing reports

Software Testers communicate their findings to other team members so that decisions can be made regarding changes, improvements and alternatives to try.


Software Tester Skills

Software Testers are sort of like tech detectives, so they need to be good at paying attention to detail, looking for patterns and spotting irregularities. The best Software Testers take pride in their work because they know the potential consequences of taking shortcuts or releasing an inferior product. Other abilities sure to impress hiring managers include:

  • Communicating efficiently with colleagues and clients using (as needed) technical terms or “plain language”
  • Multitasking with ease, since services may be required on different projects at the same time
  • Handling stress well because finding problems with the software can cause projects to go off-track and emotions to escalate
  • Learning new skills willingly in the ever-changing world of technology
  • Understanding the lifecycle of a project from conception through final result


Tools of the trade

Software Testers depend on a variety of tools in their quest for quality. Plan on using the following if going into the profession:

  • Computers – Software Testers spend most of their time in front of a computer and should be familiar with its various components
  • Operating systems – The software that supports basic functions, such as LINUX
  • Debugging codes – Computer codes introduced into the program to check for errors and problems
  • Documentation – Thoroughly noting which tests were performed and what the results were in order to confirm the software is operating correctly or where changes may need to be made


Software Tester Education and Training

More than half of Software Testers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, while another third have an associate’s degree or some college experience. Their education typically centers on computer and information sciences. Additional coursework frequently includes data processing, math, physics and electrical engineering. Colleges oftentimes require or recommend that students pursue internships as a way of gaining hands-on experience in the field.


Software Tester Resources

Intrigued by this career? For people looking for additional information on becoming a Software Tester, these resources we found on the Web can be helpful:

Software Testing Career Package – A Software Tester’s Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader! by Vijay Shinde – Both students and seasoned software testing professionals can learn from this Kindle book that looks at what it takes to succeed in the field. Issues covered include daily performance, career advancement, becoming a leader and dealing with fellow team members.

Are You Smart Enough to Be a Tester? (An introduction to a career as a software test engineer) by Mukesh Sharma – This paperback guide dismisses the notion that Software Testers are aspiring software developers who couldn’t find jobs. As well as being a career manual, the publication offers insight into why testing is so important.

The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner’s Guide to Automating Tests by Jonathan Rasmusson – If you’d like to get a better idea of what testing procedures involve, this book provides an overview.

Software Testing: Essential Skills for First Time Testers: Software Quality Assurance: From Scratch to End by Umer W. Ghazali – Reviewers of this Kindle book speak of its benefit to students and those looking to enter the field of software testing.

Association for Software Testing – This organization’s mission is to advance the understanding of the science and practice of software testing. If you have a specific question you’d like answered, it may be a great place to turn.

QA & Testing Group – This LinkedIn group has more than 99,000 members, making it a leading spot to connect with other Software Testers throughout the world.


Software Tester Resume Help

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