Software QA Manager Job Description

Software quality assurance managers oversee quality control throughout the development of software by building and testing routing protocols and managing teams of QA engineers. Software QA managers are employed by various technology firms that develop new software, including computer and mobile applications. These professionals work in office environments during daytime weekday hours and typically report to the chief technology officer.


Software QA Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Software QA managers are sought out by many corporations and companies specializing in the development of multiple software types. All employers require software QA managers to juggle varied job tasks, including:

Conduct Software Tests

Software QA managers frequently conduct software tests and research software testing practices to ensure smooth functionality.

Document Software Issues

Software QA managers must document found bugs and other software issues, and write reports detailing these issues and the potential problems they may create. These professionals also identify possible coding issues in software and make recommendations for changes to fix these issues.

Improve Processes

Software QA managers improve business processes and systems to streamline these processes and reduce costs to the company for which they work.

Web Development

Software quality assurance managers work on web development and build websites.

Negotiate Contracts

Software QA managers are responsible for negotiating contracts with vendors in order to obtain the best possible deals.

Evaluate Projects

They also evaluate the costs and requirements for new projects and oversee project schedules to keep them on time and on budget.

Continuing Education

Software QA managers must participate in continuous learning programs to learn new software and technologies as a basic function of the job.


Software QA Manager Skills and Qualifications

Software QA managers have leadership skills as well as a vast body of coding knowledge and experience working with multiple types of software. In order to succeed at this profession, software QA managers exhibit these skills through training and experience:

  • Management – Software QA managers are responsible for managing, hiring, training, and firing teams of QA engineers as well as business teams, making strong leadership skills essential to this job
  • Communication – Software QA managers write reports and relay information to employees in person, which requires professionals pursuing this career to have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Computer Coding Comprehension – Software QA managers are required to read computer coding languages to identify potential problems and find ways to streamline software
  • Sales – Employers seek out candidates with sales knowledge, as software QA managers negotiate with vendors and make software-related purchases
  • Organization – Being a software QA manager requires juggling multiple work tasks and overseeing several software projects, so professionals in this field are highly organized and able to effectively manage multiple project tasks at once
  • Creative Thinking – Software QA managers find creative solutions for complex software and business issues and apply these solutions to resolve problems


Software QA Manager Education and Training

Software QA managers must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, business management, engineering, or a related field in order to qualify for this job. Employers also require software QA managers to have past work experience with quality assurance in software development, usually one or more years.

Most companies will provide a brief paid training period, usually of one to two weeks, to newly-hired software QA managers so that they can become familiar with company operations, practices, and staff.


Software QA Manager Salary and Outlook

“Computer and Information Systems Managers” received a median annual salary of $135,800 in 2016, according to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2016, computer and information systems managers earned a median hourly wage of $65.29. There were more than 365,000 jobs available in this field in 2016, and the projected job growth is faster than the national average. The BLS predicts that jobs in this career field will increase 12 percent by the year 2026. According to PayScale, software QA managers earn a median annual salary of $103,913.

These professionals receive healthcare insurance packages that include dental and vision benefits through their employers. Retirement benefits and life insurance are also usually offered. Profit-sharing and performance bonuses are a common perk provided by employers to software QA managers.


Helpful Resources

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Quality Assurance: Software Quality Assurance Made Easy – Master the basic skills of quality assurance and learn how to be a better software developer with this simply-written audio guidebook by Solis Tech for software QA managers and similar professionals.

Software Certifications – Use this website to find multiple software certification programs and tests, along with software business analyst certification programs that can help software QA managers advance in their careers.


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