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What is a Letter of Interest and Why Do They Matter?

A letter of interest, also known as a letter of intent, is a professional document sent unsolicited to a potential employer to express your interest in working with them, even if there are no current job openings. This letter showcases your valuable resume skills and experiences without limiting yourself to a specific role.

If you want to land your dream job at your ideal company, a letter of interest is perfect for establishing a connection with the employer. The decision-makers at the organization will value your proactiveness and will likely consider you for the next open position available.

Letter of Interest vs Cover Letter

A cover letter aims to convince an employer that you’re the right candidate for a specific position and its ultimate goal is to secure an interview. On the other hand, a letter of interest communicates your desire to join a company’s team in the event of a job opening because you admire their mission, values and goals. While it may not lead to an interview immediately, it’s a way to gain an advantage over other candidates when the opportunity arises.

Formatting Your Letter of Interest

Follow this letter of interest format to write quickly and concisely:

  • Salutation: It’s important to greet your reader formally.

  • Introduction: Hook your reader with an exciting opening and a bit about who you are.

  • Body: In no more than two paragraphs, explain what motivates you to join the company and elaborate on your skills and resume work experience.

  • Call to action: Wrap things up by thanking the reader for their time and inviting them to continue the conversation.

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Letters of interest follow the same format as a cover letter. Check out our Cover Letter Builder to create your own letter of interest!

Letter of Interest Template

Follow this template to write a compelling letter of interest:

Subject line: [Your Name] – [Current Title] Looking to Contribute My Experience


Dear [recipient’s full name or Hiring Manager],

Introduction and hook: [Begin with an interesting opening statement to hook your reader, introduce yourself and state your intent]

Motivation and alignment: [Explain what drew you into the company and how your skills, values, and goals align with theirs. Highlight specific aspects of the organization that resonate with you.]

Contribution and value proposition: [Mention what you can bring to the business. Discuss any unique strengths or perspectives that set you apart and how these attributes will contribute to the company’s success.]

Closing: Thank you for considering me to join this amazing team. I’m eager to discuss further how my skills and knowledge align with the goals of [company/institution]. I look forward to hearing from you.

Call to action: Please find my resume attached for your reference. I am available at [your phone number] or [your email address] to schedule a conversation at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Full Name]

How to Write a Letter of Interest

There’s no one way to write a letter of interest, but these four steps will ensure it stands out.

1. Establish a connection

In your research, dedicate some time to finding out the full name of the person you’re writing to. Personalizing your greeting shows you’re proactive and serious about your intent to join the team.

If you know their full name, address your letter formally: “Dear, [recipient’s full name].” If you can’t find their name, use these salutations:

  • Dear [Job Title]’s Hiring Manager,

  • Dear Head of [Job Title’s Department],

  • Dear [Department] Recruiter,

  • Dear [Recruiter’s Name],

  • Dear Hiring Manager,

  • Greetings,

2. Grab your reader’s attention

Knowing how to start a letter of interest with a strong hook will ensure the reader stays until the end. Opening with a comment on recent news from the company is a smart way to attract their attention and demonstrate you’re staying current with the latest updates. Follow with a brief introduction and state the purpose of your letter.

Use your initial statement as a segue to the next paragraph, where you can discuss how you share the company’s values, mission or pursuits. Highlight the aspects that make it your ideal workplace and draw connections between them and your values.

3. Showcase your strengths

Advocating for yourself the right way is critical to getting your foot in the door. Spotlight your most notable hard and soft skills and elaborate on how your work approach and career objectives align with the company’s vision. Include specific instances of measurable achievements to highlight the value you can offer.

4. End with a call to action

Close your letter by thanking the reader for their time and consideration. Include your contact information and let them know your eagerness to discuss potential job opportunities.

Letter of Interest Example

Use this letter of interest sample to craft your own:

Subject line: Nayla Martínez – Sculptor & Screenwriter Looking to Contribute My Experience

Feb. 18, 2024

Dear Julia Rodriguez,

I recently saw your studio’s short film “Laika” at the Stop Motion Festival and left the festival entirely in awe of your team’s work. The creativity and innovation demonstrated in your stop-motion productions have truly left a lasting impression on me. My name is Nayla Martínez, and I’m writing to express my genuine interest in contributing to the artistic and dynamic world of Plastik Studios.

I have been an avid follower of Plastik Studios for some time now, and your commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling through stop-motion animation has consistently inspired me. The unique blend of craftsmanship, creativity, attention to detail and emotional depth evident in your projects is a testament to your team’s dedication to the art form.

As someone deeply passionate about animation with a solid background in sculpture, screenwriting, and set design, I’m excited about the prospect of joining Plastik Studios and contributing to your future endeavors. I bring expertise in character design, knowledge of alternative materials, and storytelling that align seamlessly with Plastik Studios’s creative vision.

I’m eager to contribute my skills, creativity, and passion to your team and be part of the continued success of Plastik Studios. Attached is my resume, which details my work experience and skills. I would be delighted to discuss in further detail how my knowledge aligns with the goals of Plastik Studios. I’m available at 555-555-555 or naylamartinez@email.com to arrange a conversation at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time.

Nayla Martínez

Key Takeaways

Let’s go over some key takeaways now that you have all the necessary information to write a letter of interest for a job:

  • Initiating a relationship with a potential employer through a letter of interest is a great approach, even if there are no current job openings.
  • Staying up-to-date with industry news and company updates is vital for a strong opening.
  • It’s essential to include specific examples of your accomplishments to demonstrate your worth.
  • Remember to conclude your letter with a call to action and your contact information!