Top Dream Jobs for the Future

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski | Career Expert
Turn your dream job into a reality. From artists to archeologists, we break down the top dream jobs by salary and provide resume examples. We also discuss the best websites to help you find your dream job!
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List of Top Dream Jobs

From dreaming to doing — let’s look at the essential information you will need to land the job of your dreams.

Here are the top 20 dream jobs, salaries and resume examples to guide you through:

1. Actor

If you love acting and are passionate about art, being an actor can be fun and creative. Actors get to work in various settings, such as production studios, theaters and radio. They also do voiceover work for animated projects.

Hourly wage: $21- $62

Actor resume examples

2. Archeologist

Archeologists study history by examining artifacts, prehistoric structures and organisms. They also recover, study and preserve ancient artifacts. Archeologists typically work in research organizations, government and consulting firms to document and analyze sites. In order to work as an Archeologist, you will need a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in anthropology or archeology.

Annual salary: $66,130

Archeologist resume examples

3. Artist

Artists specialize in different areas such as painting, sculpture, music, film or performance. A sculptor can create three-dimensional art pieces, while multimedia artists usually work in television, film and video games. The most sought-out skills for artists include creativity, attention to detail, time management, communication, improvisation and presentation skills.

Annual salary: $49,600

Artist resume examples

4. Athlete

Even though playing sports for a living sounds like a dream, becoming a professional athlete is more of a lifestyle choice than a career. They train and practice nonstop to maintain fitness for competition. Athletes work with trainers, coaches, nutritionists and therapists all year. Some professional athletes, such as footballers and rugby players, are paid an annual salary.

Annual salary: $50,850

Professional Athlete resume examples

5. Chef

Chefs are passionate and skilled at creating meals. They train in all aspects of food preparation. Chefs plan menus, oversee the kitchen staff and ensure that the food meets high-quality standards. To become a Chef, you need a degree in Culinary school, experience as a working chef, knowledge of the culinary arts, sanitation and quality control.

Annual salary: $53,380

Chef resume examples

6. Dancer

Dancing is an exciting career for those with flexibility and grace. Dancers perform different music and constantly rehearse with choreographers, practicing routines for upcoming shows. To become a dancer, you need formal training or a degree in fine arts.

Hourly wage: $21.00

Dancer resume examples

7. Detective

A detective is responsible for seeking information to solve crimes. Their duties include examining evidence, questioning suspects of a crime and performing background checks. Their evidence is used in various court cases or to investigate missing person cases.

Annual salary: $67,290

Detective resume examples

8. Medical doctor

A doctor is a medical professional educated in the field of medicine. They can specialize as physicians, surgeons or other highly trained medical experts. Doctors provide healthcare to patients by conducting tests, prescribing medications, diagnosing illnesses and treatments. They make an impact on people’s lives.

Annual salary: $208,000

Medical doctor resume examples

9. Environmental specialist

Environmental specialists are responsible for monitoring the effects of pollution on our environment. They conduct research primarily in industrial areas and create reports on their findings.

Annual salary: $73,230

Environmental specialist resume examples

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10. Firefighter

Firefighters are heroes who put themselves at risk every day to save lives and property. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or GED. Many firefighters become emergency medical technicians or earn a degree in fire science to advance their careers. Having both a fire and EMS background improves your chances of getting hired.

Annual salary: $52,500

Firefighter resume examples

11. Interior designer

Interior designers can work freelance or partner with commercial and residential developers to create retail spaces. They assess clients to determine projects and designs. Interior designers collaborate with architects, engineers, painters and builders for a complete interior renovation or design. Most interior designers have a Bachelor's degree in interior design or a related field.

Interior designer resume examples

Annual salary: $57,060

12. Lawyer

Lawyers are licensed by the state in which they practice to advise and represent clients on legal matters. Lawyers do a great deal of research and writing to draft legal documents, including pleadings, discovery, motions, briefs, contracts and wills. To be licensed, education includes a four-year undergraduate degree followed by three years of full-time law school and passing admission to an American Bar Association-accredited law school. Most bar associations require that lawyers complete a minimum number of hours of further education each year to maintain their licenses to practice.

Annual salary: $189,520

Lawyer resume examples

13. Fashion model

This dream job is all about you! Models work to promote and advertise products. They are on call to work in photo shoots, fashion shows or TV commercials to showcase clothing, footwear and other products. As with any other career, it takes hard work and dedication. They work for long hours and travel.

Annual salary: $31,910

Fashion model resume examples

14. Musician

Musicians perform and record music. They stay busy creating songs, recording and rehearsing. Musicians also work long hours doing live performances in a variety of settings. Many are versatile and study different styles of music, such as classical and country, among many others.

Hourly salary: $31.40

Musician resume examples

15. Photographer

A photographer works closely with clients to capture photos of people, places and products. They use creativity and professional equipment to create professional photographs, artwork and video. Although photography is based on artistic abilities, it’s essential to understand art and lighting. There are many educational opportunities to take photography, ranging from online courses to certificates and degrees.

Hourly salary: $19.85

Photographer resume examples

16. Pilot

Pilots can work in the commercial sector, the military or private jobs navigating aircraft. They have to create flight plans and determine the safest routes. The pilot also performs pre and post-flight inspections of fuel, equipment and navigational systems. To become a pilot, you need to complete the required number of training hours and pass relevant tests. You must also keep your license and certifications current.

Annual salary: $160,970

Pilot resume examples

17. Scientist

A research scientist conducts experiments in a wide range of areas, from medical to computer science. They strive to create groundbreaking research and work for government agencies, universities and private businesses. They can also write grant proposals for funding.

Annual salary: $91,510

Scientist resume examples

18. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists are natural communicators that thrive in fast-paced environments. They create public relations strategies to maintain and enhance the company's perception. Part of the job is building relationships with key contact points and working with the media, photographers and public figures.

Annual salary: $62,810

Public relations specialists resume examples

19. Veterinarian

If you love animals, being a veterinarian may just be a dream job for you! Working with different animals and species can be very exciting and fulfilling! You can make a difference and help improve animal care. Even more rewarding, a veterinary degree also creates opportunities to research and teach the next generation of veterinarians.

Annual salary: $99,250

Veterinarian resume examples

20. Writer

There are plenty of job opportunities for writers. They can write novels, short stories or even movie scripts! As a writer, you have to be outstanding in research and writing. You also have to communicate the message effectively, according to your target audiences. You can get paid to write books and articles about topics that interest you or make money online by writing blogs and content.

Annual salary: $67,120

Writer resume examples

Best Websites to Find Your Dream Job

Turn your dream job into reality! There are quite a few job search engines to help you make your next career move.

Browse through The 10 Best Job Search Engines, linking you directly to job resources. You can also check your local online classified ads for jobs close to home, such as Craigslist.