With Coronavirus reaching pandemic status many companies have shut their doors to minimize the infection rate. This has forced thousands of workers to work from their homes or in worst cases being laid off.

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Having a business or a job that can be managed from anywhere, is a great advantage. If you’re looking for a way to make money remotely or looking for a more flexible job opportunity, keep reading. Here are the top 10 work from home jobs in 2020:

1. Web Developer

It might be no surprise that Web Developers only need their computer and an internet connection to do their job. If you know web development languages and can design web page layouts, then this is an excellent job that you can work from the comfort of your home.

2. Virtual Assistant

As the name implies, a Virtual Assistant’s work is remote. They provide various services like managing schedules, arranging meetings, managing contact lists, handling emails, sending newsletters, performing market research, identifying new business opportunities and providing customer service, among many others.

3. Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Specialists collect information from various sources and enter it to electronic databases for archival and analysis purposes. They also verify accuracy, secure data, make corrections and input information. If you have a computer and you’re good at managing data, consider this flexible job opportunity. We encourage you to check out Lensa's helpful article featuring the Top 10 Remote Data Entry Jobs to find out more.

4. Social Media Manager

As you may have guessed, a Social Media Manager’s job relies on being online, and can be worked remotely. They oversee an organization's social media activities like scheduling updates, sharing relevant content, engaging with fans and followers, answering to customer inquiries, and covering company events on social networks.

5. Customer Service Officer

Customer Service Officers attend their clients by phone or chat. They offer guidance and assistance to customers in order to maximize loyalty and satisfaction. Common responsibilities of a Customer Service Officer are answering inquiries, handling complaints, giving instructions, and selling products.

6. Internet Marketer

Most of the internet marketer’s job is done online, which makes this job perfect to manage from home. They help companies promote their products and services using online tools. Some of their duties include: improving website visibility, attracting traffic on the website, running ad campaigns, monitoring online competitors, conducting webinars, managing social media accounts, creating marketing content, and commissioning work to web designers, content writers, and photographers.

7. Copywriter

Copywriters write content and send it via email to their clients. You may find yourself collaborating with an art director via video conference, performing research, integrating the copy with visual or sound components, and editing your customer’s work, all from your living room couch.

8. Ecommerce Manager

An Ecommerce Manager handles virtual stores online. Some of their responsibilities include creating a strong brand image, encouraging online sales, managing the online transaction system, improving user experience, nurturing prospects, and updating the online store.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is a wonderful job to work remotely. If you are creative and understand visual artworks, like books and magazine covers, websites, advertisements, computer games, product packages, brochures, and logos, consider this career path and make some money from home.

10. Online Teacher

Online classes are a common thing nowadays. If you’re a teacher, you don’t need a classroom to work. Consider giving your classes online and enjoy the flexibility of this job.

How to maximize productivity

Find the time when you’re the most productive

Working from home gives you a great advantage. You manage your time. Experiment with different work and break periods and find that sweet spot when you are most productive. It might be around your usual lunch break. If that’s the case, move lunch to a later or earlier time. Manage your schedule to suit you best. And remember, no commuting means you gain a couple of hours to play around with. Make the most of that.

Make a schedule and follow it

Set location and time boundaries. Once you determine when you’re most productive, stick to that schedule just as if you were in the office. Take breaks to do other stuff around your house like chores or work on that painting you’ve been pushing back. Set a timer to remind when to take breaks and when your job is done for the day. Organizing your time is key.

Pick a spot in your house and make it your designated office

You might feel the urge to move around your house, work from the kitchen, the living room or your bed. But try not to move around. Picking a spot and turning it into your designated work space helps your brain get in productive mode. This also creates boundaries so you can take breaks and relax by moving to different parts of your house.

Keep your routine

Don’t wake up and immediately start working. Try to maintain the same routine as if you were actually going to the office. Take a bath, eat some breakfast, and then get to work. This helps your brain prepare for “productive mode”. You don’t have to put on your office clothing, but staying in your pajamas all day makes it harder to get into the work mentality.

Do Video Conferences

Master video conference apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet. If you’re having issues with your connectivity, lower the video quality and this should help maintain consistency. Record your meetings and review them in case you missed something.

Set up video conferences just to have human interaction with your coworkers. This helps to get you in the “at the office” vibe going.

Put on some music

Your coworkers aren’t around to tell you to lower the volume or change the song you love but they hate. Take advantage of that. Find that playlist that gets you in the productive zone and blast it. Music streaming services have working playlists. Find one that works for you.

Have your meal ready

Having to pause to cook or going out to get food may take precious productive time from you. Keep focused and save time by preparing your meals the day before, just like you would do normally in the office.

When you’re done, you’re done

Working from home can make keeping track of time a bit tricky. Since you don’t see your coworkers packing up their things and leaving around five, you might get caught up in your work duties longer than you should. Don’t neglect your personal time. Set an alarm clock to notify you when it’s time to stop working.

We hope these tips are useful to you and will help you make the best of working from home. For more helpful articles and career advice, please visit Jobheros’ Essential Career Guides.