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Floor Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Floor supervisors perform many duties in their quest to make sure each guest or patron has the best experience possible. We researched floor supervisor job descriptions to build the following list of floor supervisor duties and responsibilities:

Inspect Guest Areas for Cleanliness First impressions are everything, especially in the hospitality business. Floor supervisors routinely inspect guest areas for cleanliness and deploy custodial staff as necessary.

Greet and Build Rapport With Guests A warm and open disposition is essential for floor supervisors as one of their most important duties is providing a good first impression to new guests. Establishing a good rapport with first-time guests leads them to become loyal patrons.

Monitor Establishment's Financial Performance Floor supervisors monitor the amount of revenue generated by the establishment on a daily basis. They create reports based on key performance indicators and present it to their managers regularly.

Perform Opening and Closing Procedures Although some floor supervisors may work at establishments that don't close, they still need to open and close registers and make cash deposits on a daily basis.

Diffuse Customer Complaints Sometimes a customer has a complaint that involves an employee. Floor supervisors have to remain objective, listening to both sides of the argument, and using their conflict resolution skills to diffuse the situation. This sometimes includes disciplining employees.

Delegate Basic Tasks to Staff Floor supervisors are responsible for making sure all of the staff does what is required of them. They collaborate with their manager during the hiring process and train new hires on company policy. They also delegate basic tasks on an as-needed basis.


Floor Supervisor Skills

People who thrive in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment enjoy being floor supervisors; never knowing what kinds of situations they'll have to deal with, they expect the unexpected. Good floor supervisors think well on their feet and can make quick decisions. They are responsible for the cleanliness of all guest areas and monitoring guests for suspicious activity—both of which require an eye for detail. They have leadership qualities, know how to delegate tasks, but have no problem jumping in when the team is understaffed. Besides these character traits, employers appreciate the following skills:
  • Exhibiting leadership ability
  • Booking and checking in guests
  • Training new hospitality staff on the establishment's policies and procedures
  • Resolving customer complaints using conflict resolution skills
  • Monitoring financial results based on key performance indicators

Floor Supervisor Education and Training

The only academic requirement for floor supervisors is a high school diploma. Floor supervisors who work in the hotel industry typically have or are pursuing at least an associate's degree in hospitality management. Floor supervisors who work in the casino industry may have a certificate from a vocational school in casino management. This usually includes specific education related to the different casino games.

Floor Supervisor Salary

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for floor supervisors is $32,123. Those on the low end of the scale average $22,000, while those on the high end of the scale average $41,000.

Floor Supervisor Resources

The following list of resources is for current and aspiring floor supervisors who want to progress in the field of hospitality management.

American Hotel and Lodging Association - The American Hotel and Lodging Association is one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the hospitality industry. It offers career help and networking opportunities in the form of chapter meetings and seminars.

International Hotel and Restaurant Association - Headquartered in Switzerland, the International Hotel and Restaurant Association has a truly global presence. Although this organization is not specifically for hotel workers, there are many floor supervisors among its ranks.

Hospitality Net - Hospitality Net is the go-to online publication for the latest happenings in the hospitality industry. Articles are submitted by some of the top hospitality experts, covering the most important topics.

Hospitality Online - Hospitality is a job board dedicated to hospitality workers and usually has floor supervisor postings.

The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets - This book covers everything you need to know about creating an excellent guest experience at hotels and restaurants. It is a good read for both current and aspiring floor supervisors.

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