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AML Analyst Resume FAQ

What is AML data analytics?

An AML, or anti-money laundering analyst, investigates financial transactions or arrangements that appear suspicious, fraudulent or illegal. They help businesses comply with federal rules and regulations to avoid disruptive audits, accusations, fines or criminal procedures

How to describe “AML analyst” in a resume?

An AML analyst resume has three strategic sections where you can describe your practical analytical skills: your introductory resume summary, work history and skills section. Let’s demonstrate how you can define one core skill across these three sections. Pro tip: we’re showing three ways to describe one anti-money laundering skill as an example of different techniques, but your resume should feature new, unique skills under each section

Sample resume summary:

Experienced AML analysts versed in using internal transactional records, customer trends and external documentation related to trend forecasting, public tax filings and additional data points to identify possible financial discrepancies

AML analyst work history example:

  • Responsible for identifying and researching the patterns and anomalies in complex transactions to detect, prevent, mitigate and report suspicious activity related to money laundering.
  • Compared internal data with publicly-available trend forecasting, tax documents and additional external data to identify potential discrepancies.

Additional AML analyst skills your resume can feature

  • Internal data analysis
  • External research
  • Familiarity with federal tax regulations
  • Knowledge of international banking laws and regulations
  • Transferable resume skills.

What skills are needed for an AML analyst?

The skills each AML analysis job requires change depending on the company and level of seniority related to the position. However, it’ll be safe to assume that most hiring managers are interested in candidates with the following resume skills

AML analyst technical skills
  • Accredited Financial Examiner (AFE)
  • Certified Financial Examiner (CFE)
  • AML software knowledge i.e., Clear View KYC, ML Verify or Fiserv AML Manager
Hard skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
Soft skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Analytical skills