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Service Desk Technician Resume FAQ

How do you describe a service desk on a resume?

Your service desk resume should include examples of these common responsibilities. Use quantifiable numbers such as the number of employees or customers you support, the budget you oversee, or the speed at which you close repair tickets.

  1. Answer and process incoming phone calls.
  2. Manage multiple phone lines.
  3. Analyze technical problems and provide remote diagnostic support.
  4. Follow up on problem-solving processes and provide alternate solutions as needed.
  5. Manage on-site and remote technical needs.
  6. Forward complex repair requests to the appropriate parties.
  7. Run remote diagnostic tests.
  8. Troubleshoot equipment and software.
  9. Submit repair and replacement requests.

What skills do you need to be a help desk technician?

The following skills can help your successfully navigate your responsibilities as a help desk technician:

  • Attentive listening skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical thought process
  • Customer service experience
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Technical knowledge of hardware, software and operating systems
  • Patience
  • Ability to simplify complex technical solutions

What should I put on my resume for a service help desk?

We previously mentioned what specific skills and responsibilities you should highlight on your resume. However, your desk technician resume could see a boost of interest if you mention the following nuanced skills where accurate and requested.

  • Remote debugging
  • Network architecture maintenance and repair
  • Project management software such as Zendesk or Jira
  • Phone bank support
  • Network security maintenance
  • Programming languages such as Python