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Game Developers design and create video games for computers and video game consoles. Sample resumes for Game Developers show responsibilities like structuring the groundwork and systems to be used for development, working with the company founder, engineers, and artists on game designs, and acting as a Team Lead for the prototype development phase. The formal educational requirements for this position vary, depending on the employer, though having a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field on his or her resume can help an applicant secure the position, as well as knowledge of programming language.

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Game Developer

  • Asset modeling, UV unwrapping and texturing (Maya/Mudbox)
  • Develop/Integrate player controller with animation (Mecanim/C#/Javascript)
  • Game network development (unity/photon server)
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Computer Science

Senior Game Developer

  • Gameplay part of Pool Live Pro game
  • Custom shader in AGAL, which renders balls with sub-pixel precision and anti-aliasing, thus at low speeds ball doesn't jump by a whole pixel (which is really noticeable)
  • Managed to port physics engine of old Pool by GameDesire with CrossBridge compiler
  • I served as a Scrum Master in one of the teams (PSM-I certificate)
  • Tool for sprite sheet compression which performs much better than standard methods
  • Gameplay of Last Temple game
  • Clever graphics engine which is able to switch from Starling to DisplayList at run time while maintaining decent performance. That also meant writing Starling renderer for Flint particles
  • I also made translations into Russian for both games and managed process of integrating them with Russian social networks
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Computer Science

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