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Corporate Sales Managers manage and develop a corporation’s sales team. In addition to their managerial responsibilities, Corporate Sales Managers are still on the front lines negotiating deals with clients. They also have HR responsibilities, such as training new team members and coming up with improvement plans for under performing employees. This is typically a business-to-business sales role, so any large company dealing in B2B sales employs Corporate Sales Managers. The work environment is your standard office setting, although traveling for meetings is common. Corporate Sales Managers are also expected to attend industry events and conferences to maintain a robust network.

The role of Corporate Sales Manager is a management position. Leadership skills and extensive sales knowledge are required to succeed in this position. One also has to have sales experience, particularly in a business-to-business setting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Sales Managers, which includes Corporate Sales Managers, is set to rise 7 percent through 2026.

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Corporate Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Corporate Sales Managers perform a variety of duties in their quest to get maximum productivity out of their sales team. We analyzed several Corporate Sales Manager job descriptions to come up with the following list of the most common duties and responsibilities.

Hire and Train Sales Team

Corporate Sales Managers are only as effective as the teams they develop. Although this isn't an HR position, Corporate Sales Managers are heavily involved in the hiring process for their team. They are also responsible for on boarding new members of the sales team.

Create Sales Pitch and Materials

All materials and pitches used by the sales team are developed by the Corporate Sales Manager, under the direction of the Director of Sales. This involves using market research to create pitches and materials that best reach the target audience.

Work With Director of Sales on Marketing Plan

Corporate Sales Managers must be comfortable working with superiors, as part of their responsibility involves working directly with the Director of Sales to create the marketing plan for a given campaign.

Conduct Sales Meetings With Clients

In addition to their managerial responsibilities, Corporate Sales Managers still have a sales quota of their own. They typically work on their employer's most important accounts.

Keep Track of Communication With Clients

Corporate Sales Managers are typically experts in Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software, which allows them to keep track of the communication between their team members and their clients.

Corporate Sales Manager Skills

Being a Corporate Sales Manager requires many soft skills, but there are a couple of technical skills possessed by those who excel at this position. It requires someone who thrives in a leadership role and isn’t afraid to shoulder the blame when things go wrong. It also requires someone who has compassion and can motivate their team members to do their best work. The following are some of the skills desired by employers of Corporate Sales Managers.

  • Developing sales pitches and materials using self-conducted market analysis
  • Developing sales talent through the use of sales management techniques
  • Using CRM software to monitor team-client communication
  • Teaching sales team closing techniques and how to negotiate for the best possible deal
  • Keeping employees motivated through use of compassion and other interpersonal skills

Corporate Sales Manager Tools of the Trade

Here are a few tools used by Corporate Sales Managers.

CRM Software – This software is used to keep track of all the communication between team members and clients.

Spreadsheets – Spreadsheets are used to organize market analysis.

Adobe Suite – Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator may be used in the creation of sales materials.

Corporate Sales Manager Education and Training

Corporate Sales Managers usually have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Statistics or a related field. Their coursework covers things like organizational management, economics, sales principles and communication theory. Although employers don’t require certification, there are a couple renowned professional organizations that offer certification to make one more marketable.

Corporate Sales Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for Sales Managers, which includes Corporate Sales Managers, is $117,960. Those in the top 10 percent make above $208,000, while those in the bottom 10 percent make below $55,790. The wide range in salary is because of the wide range of industries that employ Corporate Sales Managers.

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Corporate Sales Manager Resources

If you want to build a career as a Corporate Sales Manager, take a look at the list of additional resources below.

National Association of Sales Professionals

Officially launched in 1991, the National Association of Sales Professionals has since grown into the largest online organization for sales professionals. Their website contains tons of articles and webinars from renowned sales experts, and also contains training information for their two sales certifications. This is an excellent organization for Corporate Sales Managers.

Sales Management Association -

The Sales Management Association is the only global sales organization dedicated strictly to Sales Managers. About 85 percent of the members are professionals, while the other 15 percent are students looking build a management career in sales. Their website has a regularly updated blog, and they also have a dedicated group on LinkedIn.

Sales Hacker -

Sales Hacker is one of the top B2B sales blogs, covering topics like social selling, sales psychology, sales management, career development and sales technology. Their website also contains webinars and online courses, which make it a great resource for aspiring Corporate Sales Managers.

Hubspot Sales Blog -

Hubspot is one of the most wellknown sales and marketing resources. Their sales blog is updated consistently with sales advice relevant to both sales reps and Corporate Sales Managers.

Proactive Sales Management: How to Lead, Motivate and Stay Ahead of the Game by William "Skip" Miller -

Miller's sales management philosophy is all about managing in a way that prevents, rather than reacts to, negative scenarios. It contains techniques to help you become a better Corporate Sales Manager that have been battletested in the field.

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