Call Center Team Leader Job Description

Call center team leaders oversee workers who respond to customer inquiries. They work at facilities that receive incoming phone calls and/or electronic messages from people who have concerns about a company’s goods or services. Call center team leaders make sure employees know how to respond to what is being asked and do so in a manner that puts the company in a good light.

Call center team leaders usually work regular, full-time hours. If their employer offers evening or weekend customer service, they may be called upon to handle those shifts. Extended hours also are common during the holiday season or other busy periods. Call center team leaders may spend a good deal of time on their feet as they move around to assist and monitor staff members.


Call Center Team Leader Duties and Responsibilities

Call center team leaders are lower-level managers who aim to get the best performance possible from those under their charge. They typically report to a customer service director or contact center manager. To maximize productivity and quality customer care, call center team leaders perform a range of primary duties. Among the most common are:

Handling Daily Operations

Call center team leaders are hands-on leaders. They make sure correct procedures are followed and routinely give directions to their staff on what to do and how to improve. When an employee needs help dealing with customer concerns, call center team leaders may step in, offer advice, or authorize a special adjustment. Scheduling workers to ensure adequate coverage is also one of their duties.


Responding to customer concerns can be challenging or monotonous at times. Call center team leaders encourage their charges to take their positions seriously and work hard to build a loyal customer base. They set goals for them to achieve as a way to spur performance and to measure effectiveness.

Hiring and Training Staff

With a firm grasp of what their company wants from its customer service team, call center team leaders may be responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates. They then get these new team members up to speed on duties and expectations.

Evaluating Performance

Call center team leaders monitor how both their group and its individual employees are performing. They think of ways to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Their observations may be documented in written reports submitted to higher management.

Seeking Feedback

Good leaders know that those “in the trenches” often have interesting ideas and perspectives. Call center team leaders ask their staff for input on how to increase productivity and better serve clients.


Call Center Team Leader Skills

Working to build knowledgeable, efficient teams requires outstanding leadership. Call center team leaders must be excellent communicators who can clearly direct others while maintaining their morale. As they work to assemble teams capable of building solid relationships with those who buy or use their company’s products and services, call center team leaders need the following skills:

  • Bringing out the best in others to achieve maximum performance
  • Following through on inquiries and projects to ensure completion
  • Managing the performance of others seriously but tactfully
  • Exhibiting patience in order to appease the most difficult clients
  • Committing to exceptional customer service
  • Multitasking with ease to handle the needs of various reps at the same time


Call Center Team Leader Tools of the trade

Call center team leaders depend on a variety of office tools to perform their job. Such items can include:

  • Phones – the primary communication device used for conversations with customers contacting call centers
  • Computers – to send emails, input data, monitor online customer service, and perform other office tasks
  • Photocopiers – to make copies of instructions, scripts, or any other documents for which the staff may require a written record
  • Performance evaluations – premade forms designed to rate individual employees on various objectives and serve as a written point of reference for promotion, termination, and the like.


Call Center Team Leader Education and Training

Call center team leaders are expected to have a high school diploma. Frequently, they also possess a college degree and have taken courses in business, management, and communications. Knowledge of a second language and good computer skills can enhance job prospects. The résumés of aspiring call center team leaders usually contain a good amount of previous experience in other types of customer service roles.


Call Center Team Leader Resources

If you believe becoming a call center team leader might be a good career move, check out the following books and organizations for further information:

National Association of Call Centers – Known as “The Leading Voice for the Call Center Industry,” this nonprofit established in 2005 works to educate members and further advance best practices in the field.

Contact Center Network Group – CCNG is “a community that has been breaking down barriers to enhance the contact center industry since 1991.” Members are encouraged to share information with one another in an effort to help all learn about exceptional customer care.

Customer Service Professionals – An informal networking group of customer service professionals, aspiring call center team leaders may want to consider joining it on LinkedIn. Chances are someone among the 150,000+ members will be able to answer your questions.

Call Centers for Dummies – Touted as “your friendly guide to profitable call center management,” reviewers agree that this book in the popular series is an “excellent resource” and “should be on your desk at all times.”

Call Center Rocket Science: 110 Tips to Creating a World Class Customer Service Organization – During the course of his career, this book’s author has managed more than 20 million incoming phone calls, so he definitely knows a thing or two about how call centers work. Here, he shares what he knows in a manner readers call “quick, funny and insightful.”

The Service Culture Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Customer Service – Billed as a guide to “help customer service teams unlock their hidden potential,” readers give the book high marks for its straight-forward approach, real-world examples, and tangible activities. Toister was named one of the Top 30 customer service professionals in the world by Global Gurus and one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter by the International Customer Management Institute.


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