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How to Format a Training Manager Resume

Your training manager resume can fit into one of three formats — your choice depends on whether you want to lead with your experience or skills. If you’re going to highlight a steady timeline of promotions and managerial responsibilities, use the chronological or hybrid resume. The chronological resume is ideal if you have over 10 years of experience: This format features the lengthiest work history section so you can highlight each promotion over the last decade.

Since Candidate A has some management experience but less than a decade of experience, we used the hybrid resume. This format uses a reverse-chronological timeline to describe previous jobs and responsibilities but places a simple skills list above the work history. This helps Candidate A highlight their technical training skills to help buoy their experience.

Candidate B recently graduated from college and worked two one-year internships to gain real-world experience. Although they have highly-specialized academic knowledge, they need more practical experience than the first candidate. We chose the functional resume for two reasons. This format strips most detail from the work history section and limits it to job titles, employers and years of employment. The technical training knowledge gets redistributed to highly customizable skills sections that help Candidate B highlight their training, organization and computer skills.

Hybrid Resume

Candidate A

  • 7 years of experience
  • 3 years at this job
  • BS Human Resources

Work Experience

Training Manager, University of California
April 2020 – present, San Francisco, CA

  • Co-develop new provider community engagement training.
  • Work on complex social service program integration support for a diverse group of new and existing adjunct professors and support staff.
  • Design, conduct, manage, evaluate and inter-collegiate assistance programs in partnership with state-run educational institutions and organizations.
  • Collects enrollment data, maintains education curricula inventory and evaluates training program results.

Functional Resume

Candidate B

  • 2 years of experience
  • 2 years at this job
  • HS High School Diploma

Professional Skills

Training and Organization

  • Train nonexempt warehouse associates through on-site optimization practices and safety regulations.
  • Apply knowledge of adult learning principles, coaching skills, and innovative learning solutions to elevate the skill set of our associates and influence performance
  • Identify training needs and recommend appropriate solutions through data analysis and by observing trainers, trainees and on-site leadership. This strategy resulted in a 32% increase in inventory accuracy.

Computer Competencies

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, i.e., Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Slack, Outlook.
  • Use inventory software to leverage data to analyze and assess the impact of the training and development programs.

Training Manager Resume FAQ.

What are the responsibilities of a training manager?

A training manager identifies and monitors training needs across a department or corporation. They respond to those needs by planning, creating and implementing hands-on training programs, policies and procedures.

How do I list my training skills on my resume?

You can list your training skills under three strategic resume sections: the resume summary, work history and skills sections.

  1. Resume summary or objective: This professional introduction can impress a hiring manager in the first seven seconds of their review. Use quantifiable data like the number of employees trained during a set period or the specialty training courses you planned and created.
  2. Work history: This reverse-chronological timeline describes specific tasks and accomplishments by listing your past jobs, employers and dates of employment. Build off your resume summary by adding related but unique skills.
  3. Skills: This last section uses a simple bulleted list to highlight six to eight more unique skills related to the open job post. Avoid repeating the same skills mentioned in the previous two sections so that your one-page resume has more impact.

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How do you describe a manager’s role on a resume?

Use the following technical skills to describe your training manager experience under your resume.

  1. Verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Ability to understand and explain training processes.
  3. Comfortable leading and moderating large groups.
  4. Plan and implement in-depth training programs.
  5. Organize files and training materials.
  6. Launch and troubleshoot projectors and interactive tools like tablets or mobile devices.
  7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite or Google Drive.

You can also use valuable social skills related to team building, teaching, or communication to boost your resume. We researched multiple job openings to create a master list of the most requested resume skills to help you tailor your resume.