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Building Maintenance Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

The specifics of the role depend on factors such as the size and age of the property. However, certain core responsibilities show up on most job postings. Thus, all building maintenance supervisors should be prepared to do the following:

Create Schedules Buildings and grounds require certain actions to be performed on a regular basis. Supervisors develop schedules of what work needs to be performed, when, and who will do it. Perhaps the grass needs mowing once a week, but the bushes get trimmed every two. Or when hallways need painting, a systematic breakdown of which floors are being handled on which days keeps the project manageable.

Oversee Staff and Third Parties With a firm grasp of what needs to be done, building maintenance supervisors assign staff members to handle different tasks. The supervisor may provide detailed instruction, pitch in to help with the repair, and look over the finished work to ensure it’s up to par. Hiring and firing is also the building maintenance supervisor’s responsibility. When projects involve bringing in outside help, the supervisor makes arrangements, assists with tasks such as showing where wiring is located or moving items out of the way, answers questions, and evaluates final results.

Respond to Requests When residents notice a problem, such as their air conditioning not running, they call the building maintenance supervisor. He or she may take a look at the problem or assign someone to investigate. Deciding how quickly the matter must receive attention, such as if it jeopardizes safety, is part of this duty.

Maintain Records By documenting inspections and repairs, building maintenance supervisors create a point of reference. This information can play a part in future decisions, such as whether a refrigerator showing multiple past repairs might be better off replaced. Paperwork also demonstrates that safety measures have been followed, such as regular checks of elevator operation. Building owners frequently wish to see maintenance records to get a better idea of what is happening on the premises and the costs involved.

Stay Alert Building maintenance supervisors keep an eye on everything. By regularly performing checks and visual inspections, potential concerns oftentimes can be addressed at an early stage. Such actions may take the supervisor to the rooftop to assess its state before winter begins, or it may involve changing worn plumbing fixtures before leaks start.


Building Maintenance Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Since they supervise others, offer constructive feedback, make decisions, and ensure proper completion of work, building maintenance supervisors need to be good leaders. They keep an eye on everything going on at the facility and act quickly to resolve problems. Other elements crucial to the role include:

  • Multitasking – juggling and prioritizing demands makes certain the most important matters receive attention first
  • Teamwork – upkeep and repairs often require the efforts of several people pooling their talents
  • Industry knowledge – building maintenance supervisors are well-versed on the operation and repair of various systems, such as electricity and plumbing; they also stay up-to-date on building safety practices and regulations
  • Physical requirements – besides spending a good deal of time on one’s feet, the role often involves bending, lifting, carrying, and maneuvering into tight spaces

Building Maintenance Supervisor Education and Training

No minimal educational requirements exist for building maintenance supervisors beyond obtaining a high school diploma, though some have taken postsecondary classes or completed a degree. Since this is a leadership role, however, people who hold it possess a good amount of experience. Their resumes tend to show progression from early jobs as maintenance helpers receiving on-the-job training under the direction of experienced workers to roles requiring more independence and skill. Some aspiring building maintenance supervisors undergo voluntary certification through industry associations. This action – which involves a combination of education, experience, and passing an exam – can increase employment opportunities by demonstrating knowledge and commitment.


Building Maintenance Supervisor Salary and Outlook

According to PayScale, business maintenance supervisors earn a median yearly salary of $47,632 ($18.72 per hour). Workers on the lower end of the pay range make roughly $32,000, while the highest-paid supervisors pull in over $74,000.


Helpful Resources

If becoming a building maintenance supervisor sounds appealing, here are some other sources you may want to check out:

Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals – this nonprofit society promotes excellence in the industry through certification, sharing knowledge, and networking with others

Management Tools and Systems for the Building Engineer/Maintenance Supervisor – become more efficient and thorough at the job with this book filled with practical information as well as checklists

The International Maintenance Institute – since 1960, the goal of this organization has been “to professionalize the maintenance function by helping maintenance managers to work smarter through the exchange of ideas and education”

Building Maintenance Group – still have questions about the career? Someone among the 1,000-plus members of this LinkedIn group may be able to provide insightful answers