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Technical Support Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Job duties for technical support representatives vary based on the number of calls coming into the call center and the nature of the problems they must troubleshoot and fix. However, these core job tasks are common in all environments:

Answer Phones

Technical support representatives answer incoming phone calls and provide support to callers experiencing computer problems of all kinds.They listen to descriptions of customer issues and determine how and if they can be fixed.


Technical support representatives use information from customers to diagnose tech issues and walk customers through the steps needed to fix various problems.

Submit Service Requests

If customer tech problems cannot be handled over the phone, technical support representatives schedule a repair crew to fix problems on-site.

Maintain Database

Technical support representatives check for customer problems and fixes in the solutions database, and add new information to the database when and if new problems and fixes arise.

Log Calls

Technical support representatives keep logs of all calls answered and addressed, including dates and times.

Respond to Help Requests

Technical support representatives respond to emails and online chat requests for technical support.

Technical Support Representative Skills and Qualifications

Technical support representatives are good listeners and problem-solvers who can diagnose and fix computer problems based on very little information. Employers look for candidates who display the following essential skills:
  • Customer service

    - technical support representatives use customer service skills to put customers at ease and help them solve their technical problems
  • Communication skills

    - technical support representatives need excellent listening and verbal communication skills to understand customer complaints and clearly relay solutions to technical problems
  • Computer skills

    - excellent computer skills are essential for technical support representatives, who must help others fix technical computer issues of all types
  • Data entry

    - some data entry skills are a must-have for technical support representatives, who input information into support logs for each and every call they take
  • Time management

    - technical support representatives use time management skills to prioritize customer calls and quickly address all customer tech problems
  • Problem-solving skills

    - tech support representatives use their problem-solving skills to diagnose computer problems and fix them accordingly

Technical Support Representative Education and Training

Many employers require technical support representatives to have an associate's or bachelor's degree in information technology or a related field. However, some employers train technical support representatives as entry-level professionals and require no further education beyond a high school diploma or GED. All employers provide on-the-job training to tech support staff members, the length of which varies based on a candidate's prior education or experience with tech support. During training, technical support representatives work closely with a senior support professional to learn how to take customer calls, look up problems in the solutions database, and log calls into the system.

Technical Support Representative Salary and Outlook

According to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), customer service representatives earn $32,890 a year on average. Customer service representatives interact with customers in the same way technical support representatives do. The BLS projects this field will rise 5 percent through 2026, a rate that's as fast as the national average. Technical support representatives who work full time typically receive basic benefits packages that include major medical coverage. Dental and vision insurance may also be provided. Vacation days and paid holidays are usually included in these packages.

Helpful Resources

Find job strategies, learn tech support techniques, and find educational resources with these books and websites:

HDI: The Association for Technical Support Professionals HDI offers training programs, certification courses, webinars, conferences, and forums for technical support representatives who want to advance their careers through education, training, and networking

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