Ice Cream Server Resume Examples

Ice Cream Servers serve food, beverages, or desserts to customers in restaurants, lunchrooms, and other similar establishments. Skills listed on an example resume of an Ice Cream Server include making all of the desserts for the customers of the restaurant, organizing take-out orders, working the cash register, and providing quick, friendly, and effective customer service. Ice Cream Servers do not need to list a high school diploma or any other formal education requirements on their resumes.

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Ice Cream Server Resume FAQ

How would you describe an ice cream server on a resume?

How you describe your experience as an ice cream server depends on what jobs you apply for. If you’re interested in working for a new ice cream parlor, focus on your customer service and safe food-handling experiences, such as scooping speeds, order memorization, food preparation or ice cream knowledge.

If you’re changing careers, focus on transferable resume skills. These skills relate to your ability to work with others. They can include soft skills like attention to detail, customer service, verbal communication and organization, hard skills like physical stamina, memorization of rules and regulations, or math skills.

How do you explain server skills on a resume?

You can share your ice cream server skills under three strategic resume sections: your resume objective/summary statement, work history and skills sections.

  • Resume Objective or Summary Statement: This two- to three-sentence introduction is your resume’s marketing pitch. You can effectively snag a hiring manager’s attention by using this space to describe job-relevant skills such as making stir-fried or rolled ice cream, mixing in toppings or sanitizing service stations.
  • Work History: This detailed timeline builds on the impression you made with your summary statement. Use this space to describe your serving responsibilities: “Worked in a well-trafficked ice cream shop and processed four-item orders in under three minutes.”
  • Skills: This six- to eight-item list is your last chance to demonstrate your customer service and ice cream serving skills. Avoid repeating previously mentioned skills to create an informative, rounded resume.

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