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Data Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

Several tasks fall to Data Specialists as they assemble, research and verify data to be stored on specifically designed databases or data storage systems. We analyzed several job postings for Data Specialists and found that most employers are listing the following duties and responsibilities for this position.

Analyze and Verify Data Data Specialists typically begin any data conversion process by conducting a thorough data analysis of a client's information. They will research data sources and make any corrections to existing data as needed to ensure accuracy of the information being recorded.

Create a Digital Conversion Program A Data Specialist will often analyze a client's existing systems and create a program suitable for that specific system. In some cases, a Data Specialist may design a database or software program needed to convert data.

Generate Reports Data Specialists must consistently provide reports regarding the progress of a conversion program to clients. They must present reports covering workflow and workflow disruptions, exceptions, costs and analysis results.

Provide Technical Support and Assistance Once a conversion project is complete, a Data Specialist usually trains a client in the use of the database or software system. Data Specialists also maintain databases and answer any questions users might have regarding the system.


Data Specialist Skills

To successfully perform all required duties, a Data Specialist must have strong analytical, problem solving and verbal and written communication skills. They should be detail-oriented individuals who can consistently meet deadlines and work well within a team environment. Strong planning, organizational and critical thinking skills are also beneficial for those working in this field. A Data Specialist should be familiar with project management processes such as budgeting and scheduling. In addition to these skills, potential employers of Data Specialists might prefer candidates with the following abilities:
  • Analyzing data details and accuracy - ensuring that the data being converted is viable and accurate is a major responsibility of Data Specialists
  • Evaluating existing databases and systems - a Data Specialist must verify that a client's system is able to integrate and store data being converted
  • Overseeing data mapping processes - managing the entire data conversion process is one of the main tasks of a Data Specialist
  • Creating custom solutions - Data Specialists should be prepared to customize databases and software to meet client data storage needs

Data Specialist Education Requirements

Education requirements for Data Specialists vary depending on the employer. Some ask only that job candidates possess a high school diploma, while others require an associate's or bachelor's degree in information technology, business or related fields. In many cases, a degree could be necessary for advanced positions in the field.

Data Specialist Salary

The national average annual salary for Data Specialists is $43,576, according to online sources. The highest wages are reported from areas such as Raleigh-Durham, NC ($55,000) and Austin, TX ($44,000). Payscale.com reports that salaries for Data Specialists can be higher than the national average in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Charlotte, NC.

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