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CNC Machine Operators, or Computer Numerical Control Machine Operators, guide automated tools which manufacture parts and pieces from raw materials. Skills incorporated into sample resumes of CNC Machine Operators include operating two CNC HAAS mills and a CMM or TDM for the inspection of parts, and assuring that production parts are within tolerance and contain no defects. While no formal educational background is necessary, most employers seek candidates who are able to show a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED on their resumes.

For more information on what it takes to be a CNC Machine Operator, check out our complete CNC Machine Operator Job Description.

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CNC Machine Operator C

Review setup instructions and specifications

  • Determines reference points and directions of machine cutting punching parts
  • Able to attach and indicate vises, fixtures or any other devices that would hold parts for machining
  • Ability to apply the firm application of shop Math, Basic Algebra and Geometry that would be required in a manufacturing shop
  • Have a clear knowledge of the blue prints skills necessary to interpret set-up sheets, part prints or any other forms used to convey part specifications
  • Determine, assemble and measure the proper tooling that would be required to achieve the part configuration and tolerances
  • Ability to work close tolerances
  • Keep work clean and perform the daily maintenance required to insure ongoing performance of all operational equipment within the cell
  • Ability to read blue prints and full knowledge of all machine shop gauges and tooling
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Technology / Journeyman

CNC Machine Operator/quality Tech

Started as a CNC operator in May and moved to Quality Tech in July.

  • Preform inspections, checks, tests to verify dimensions of engine blocks and heads to meet customers blue prints.
  • Use calipers, micrometers, depth, height, thread, and bore gauges to preform manual inspections.
  • Monitor critical equipment and instrumentation to ensure proper operation and calibration.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Computer Information Systems

CNC Machine Operator Trainee

Being trained on CNC Mills and Lathes

  • Being trained on Shear, and Punch Presses
  • Shot peened parts that were specified by customer request
  • Being trained on auto feed saws.
Candidate Info
years in
at this job
Computers And Electronic Engineering
Information Technology / Programming

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