Warehouse Clerk Job Description

Warehouse Clerks assist with shipments coming in and out of warehouses. They move incoming material to the proper locations within the facility and retrieve necessary items for outgoing shipments. Their efforts are essential to proper storage within the warehouse and accurate order fulfillment to customers. Retail and manufacturing supply chains depend on Warehouse Clerks to keep merchandise flowing through the system.

Depending on the size and set-up of the facility, Warehouse Clerks may work independently, as part of a small group or as assistants to a large team. Warehouse Clerks spend much of their time on their feet and need to be able to bend and lift. Because of the physical nature of their job, Warehouse Clerks should be in good shape and possess stamina. Hours can be long, especially in busy seasons.


Warehouse Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Several core responsibilities are involved in a career as a Warehouse Clerk. From our analysis of job postings, here are some of the most important duties employers expect Warehouse Clerks to perform:

Unloading Trucks

Warehouse Clerks move items off of vehicles and into the correct area within the facility. They open containers and crates to inspect for damage and see to it that what was delivered matches what was requested.

Product Organization

By checking in items and entering data into the computer system, Warehouse Clerks help keep track of inventory. They also assume responsibility for proper storage. Such actions may include hanging clothes, placing items on shelves, sorting things into bins or separating similar products by size or color.

Dealing with Orders

Warehouse Clerks read paperwork detailing what needs to be retrieved from the warehouse in order to complete outgoing orders. They then find the necessary items and move them to holding bins, the shipping department or another designated area.

Safety and Upkeep

Warehouse Clerks mop, sweep, put equipment back in its assigned place and perform basic maintenance to keep the facility clean and safe. They are expected to be on the lookout for potential hazards, such as faulty equipment, and report concerns to the proper managers. They abide by company policies regarding the wearing of safety gear. When warehouse supplies such as boxes or pens are low, they restock and/or reorder items so that business can go on interrupted.


Warehouse Clerk Skills

While physically being able to lift, load and package may be at the core of being a Warehouse Clerk, employers look for traits beyond strength and dexterity. Demonstrating the following abilities can help candidates land jobs in this career field:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Counting skills
  • Displaying good time management skills, including punctuality and limiting downtime
  • Valuing teamwork since several people are often involved in the process of moving and delivering materials, such as customer service representatives and transport drivers
  • Following directions to ensure the right material gets to the right place
  • Sticking to safety procedures to create the proper environment in accordance with company policies and governmental mandates
  • Displaying pride in one’s work by consistently working hard and producing accurate results
  • Attending to detail to ensure items are properly placed in the warehouse and orders are filled according to specifications


Tools of the trade

A variety of tools help Warehouse Clerks with their mission to quickly and carefully move items within the facility. Be familiar with the following if you pursue a career as a Warehouse Clerk:

  • Containers – Boxes, crates and other enclosures that hold items that need to be moved, unpacked or shipped
  • Racks – Frameworks on which to hang or place merchandise to keep items orderly
  • Packing Slips – Lists of what is contained in a shipment
  • Inventory – Stock available in the warehouse
  • Orders – Pertinent information containing specifics about which products and amounts a customer desires
  • Scanners/Barcode readers – Tech equipment that deciphers coded labels containing information about the content of a box or shipment
  • Forklifts –Transportation machinery used by some Warehouse Clerks to move inventory or boxes from one area to another
  • Dollies – Platforms with wheels that can be useful in transporting heavy items or multiple boxes
  • Computers – To perform tasks such as entering data and monitoring inventory
  • Protective gear – Clothing, closed-toe shoes, safety glasses, back braces, gloves and other wearable items that assist in keeping a worker’s body from being injured
  • Safety guidelines – Written instructions, often mandated by the government, providing information on the proper way to handle and dispose of material


Warehouse Clerk Education and Training

The majority of Warehouse Clerks possess a high school diploma, though some also have had post-secondary training. Employers look for hard workers capable of following directions who can learn on the job. Seasoned Warehouse Clerks may be called upon to train new employees as part of their job description.


Warehouse Clerk Salary

The median annual salary for Warehouse Clerks, categorized by the BLS as Shipping, Receiving and Traffic Clerks, is $31,180. Warehouse Clerks in the 10th percentile earn about $21,000 a year, and the highest paid make more than $48,700 a year. Warehouse Clerks in the District of Columbia, Alaska and Washington make the highest median salaries in the U.S. – $45,670, $37,730 and $36,100, respectively.


Warehouse Clerk Resources

Interested in learning more about becoming a Warehouse Clerk? This organization may be able to provide information and answer questions:

Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) – Known as “the only professional organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain,” WERC says it assists “those new to the industry master best practices and establish valuable professional relationships.” Its online career center helps match talent with opportunities, and its resources for job seekers includes advice on resumes, interviews, digital presence and advancement.


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