IT Technician Job Description

IT technicians maintain a company’s computer workstations and software for all employees. They also install new workstations and ensure they work properly before new employees start working. This is a full-time, skilled position that requires candidates to have a strong technical aptitude. IT technicians work in an office setting during regular, 8 to 5 hours, although they may also work after hours as needed. They typically report to an IT manager or an office manager.


IT Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Though the hardware and software that IT technicians install and maintain can vary greatly depending on the employer, most IT technicians perform the same core duties:

Set Up New Workstations

IT technicians are responsible for setting up new workstations for new employees and ensuring they work properly before the new employee starts. They’re also responsible for moving and re-installing entire workstations or specific components from workstations.

Install New Software

When the company purchases new software, IT technicians ensure it is installed properly on all computers. They may also perform some testing to ensure the software has been installed correctly.

Provide Technical Support

IT technicians provide technical support to company employees, whether in person or remotely. IT technicians usually visit an employee’s workstation to fix the problem.

Analyze Hardware and Software Efficiency

IT technicians constantly monitor the company’s hardware and software to ensure it meets the necessary requirements. They identify aging hardware and software, reporting their findings to an IT manager.

Troubleshoot Customer Issues

IT technicians also troubleshoot issues that customers experience on the company’s website or with the product the company sells. They provide reliable and quality customer service to the customers who call in.


IT Technician Skills and Qualifications

Highly technical, IT technicians quickly identify problems with hardware and software. Employers search for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a relevant field. Successful IT technicians should also have at least one year of proven experience in an IT role. Employers also look for candidates who possess the following skills:

  • Technical aptitude – IT technicians possess a high degree of technical aptitude, knowing how hardware and software interact, and able to identify problems when they occur with either
  • Error/solution tracking experience – IT technicians should have experience working with error and solution tracking systems as they have to track multiple problems at a time, providing solutions to employees and customers
  • Internet security knowledge – employees often don’t know how to keep their secure information safe; IT technicians use their knowledge of internet security to help employees stay safe
  • Communication skills – IT technicians need to have excellent communication skills, especially when explaining technical concepts to non-technical personnel
  • Logical thinking – when problems arise, IT technicians think logically to identify the problem and quickly present an efficient solution


Tools of the Trade

IT technicians use a wide variety of tools on the job including:

  • Help desk software (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Samange)
  • Telecommunication technology (VoIP, IP, Ethernet, LAN/WAN)
  • Computer imaging software (Clonezilla, IBM BigFix)
  • Remote access software (TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn)


IT Technician Education and Training

Employers hire IT technicians who have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. It’s also helpful to have previous experience as an IT technician. Most employers also require their IT technicians to have any combination of certifications that include CompTIA, A+, Net+, Security+, or others, as applicable.


IT Technician Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT technicians make an average of $62,670 per year. However, the top 10 percent make more than $105,910 per year, and the lowest 10 percent make less than $37,040 per year. Full-time, salaried IT technicians are usually eligible for comprehensive benefits packages that include health, dental, and vision insurance, along with sick and vacation time. IT technicians are also commonly eligible for bonuses based on overall company performance.

The BLS reports that IT technicians can expect to experience an overall growth projection of 11 percent over the course of the next decade. This growth projection is faster than most other occupations, mostly due to the technology boom.


Helpful Resources

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Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is your one-stop shop for anything and everything technical. This website provides a forum where users can ask or answer questions. If you ask a question here, you can be fairly certain it will be answered quickly and correctly. You can also search for questions that have been already asked to save yourself time.

Tech Crunch – Tech Crunch is another great website for IT professionals. It contains news articles, videos, and other helpful resources for anyone interested in technology. It also provides a section where you can find events in your area.

Technical Impact: Making Your Information Technology Effective, and Keeping It That Way – This book is full of real-world examples and serves as a good guide for IT professionals who want to learn how to communicate IT issues to upper management. This book is highly rated by critics and readers alike.

The New IT: How Technology Leaders are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age – This book provides “an action-ready blueprint for building and strengthening the role of IT” in a company. It outlines these key points: assess, align, map technology, organize, redefine, and build.


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