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Free Montessori Teacher cover letter example

Dear Ms. Batts:

As a skilled and certified Montessori Teacher with experience leading engaging activities and curriculum for 6-9 classes using the Montessori method and corresponding materials, it is my pleasure to submit the enclosed resume for your consideration. My background, communication strengths, and passion for Montessori education positions me to significantly impact your school.

My expertise lies in using Montessori education techniques and materials to teach children in 6-9 Montessori classrooms in a range of subjects while encouraging independence and a love of learning. By guiding students to help them reach their potential at their own pace, I have continually used my inherent passion for fostering collaborative and engaging educational environments to develop productive, thoughtful, and self-motivated young students.

Highlights of my qualifications include…

Excelling as a Montessori teacher for the past 11 years, developing lessons using the Montessori method and materials catered to students between the ages of 6 and 9 and teaching classes of ~24 children per school year.

Completing a Montessori training program and achieving certification as an AMS-Certified Montessori Teacher in 2005.

Providing one-on-one attention to children while maintaining an overall focus on the entire group.

Establishing daily routines for students to follow, encouraging greater independence and self-focus.

Building and sustaining strong student and parent relationships, encouraging student queries and comments and laying the foundation for a dynamic and exciting classroom environment.

Tracking student progress and performance and addressing behavioral and/or learning concerns with parents and school administrators.

Demonstrating excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership talents.

With my experience and credentials, I am well prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of Montessori learning at your school and exceed your expectations. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Katie C. Woodruff

Include These Montessori Teacher Skills

  • Education expertise
  • Montessori certification
  • Stamina and resilience
  • Being able to motivate and discipline students
  • Commitment to the Montessori method
  • Creativity
  • Computer literacy
  • Teamwork
  • Child psychology knowledge
  • Focus on individual growth
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