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Assistant Store Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Many retailers, from large department stores to specialty boutiques, hire assistant store managers. No matter the store, however, the core responsibilities of assistant managers remain the same and include the following:

Stand In for Store Manager The assistant store manager represents the manager and the company's interests when the store manager is not present, and provides any assistance needed when the manager is present.

Greet and Interact with Customers Assistant store managers welcome customers entering the store, answer phone calls, and interact with customers to ensure they are enjoying their shopping experience.

Meet Sales and Financial Goals Assistant store managers must meet store sales goals and track store finances to verify that profit numbers match cash register numbers.

Manage Staff The assistant store manager assists the manager in all aspects of interviewing, hiring, training, and firing staff members. This includes supervising the staff for productivity and adherence to store regulations.

Learn All Store Operations Assistant managers know how to use the cash register and perform all other store operations.

Scheduling and Payroll Assistant managers assist the manager in creating staff work schedules and managing employee payroll information.

Process Shipments Assistant store managers receive and sort incoming product shipments and prepare outgoing merchandise shipments.

Manage Product Displays Assistant store managers keep all store displays neat and organized and put up new displays as needed.

Maintain Physical Security The assistant store manager inspects and maintains the physical security of the store. This includes locking doors and windows when the business is closed and monitoring activity outside the store for potential threats.

Prepare Bank Deposits Assistant store managers prepare daily or nightly bank deposits, clean cash out of registers at the end of shifts, and safely store cash per company guidelines.


Assistant Store Manager Skills and Qualifications

Assistant store managers follow all store guidelines to set an example for staff members to emulate. Employers hire assistant store managers who display the following skills that are essential to this career:
  • Management - since assistant store managers are in a leadership role, candidates with past management experience are highly desired
  • Customer service - assistant store managers interact with customers and solve customer problems, so employers look for professionals with prior customer service skills and experience
  • Salesmanship - every retail store is driven by sales, a necessary skill for assistant store managers
  • Physical stamina - assistant store managers spend most of their shifts standing, walking, and moving inventory around the store, which requires physical endurance
  • Computer skills - assistant store managers work with cash registers and payroll and scheduling software, which all require basic computer skills
  • Problem-solving skills - assistant store managers need problem-solving skills to address staff and customer complaints and find solutions for everyday store problems

Assistant Store Manager Education and Training

Assistant store managers must have a high school diploma or GED. Employers prefer candidates who have an associate's or bachelor's degree in retail management and past work experience in a retail store environment. Assistant store managers receive extensive on-the-job training through hands-on tasks where they are closely monitored by the store manager for up to one month.

Assistant Store Manager Salary and Outlook

Assistant store managers are a specific type of retail sales worker. The median annual salary for retail sales workers is $22,900, or $11.01 an hour. Jobs for retail sales workers are projected to grow by 2 percent through 2026, which is slower than the average national job growth rate. Some companies provide assistant store managers with a basic benefits package that provides health insurance. Dental, vision, and life insurance benefits are not typically offered. Assistant store managers may receive additional monetary bonuses by exceeding sales goals.

Helpful Resources

Find out how to become a successful assistant store manager, and learn tips and strategies for advancing in this career, using these resources:

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