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Legal Interns are students who practice law in an attorney’s office. As part of their role to prepare for their future career, Legal Interns complete tasks such as doing research, handling paperwork, helping attorneys with projects, taking part in client interviews, and learning about daily affairs in the legal field. Based on our collection of example resumes, the ideal candidate should demonstrate legal knowledge, the ability to follow instructions, a willingness to learn, research skills, organization, and computer competences. Eligible resumes in the field make display of a legal degree; most Legal Interns have not graduated yet.

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Legal Intern Resume Success Stories

Legal Intern Resume FAQ

What is a legal intern called?

Legal interns are also referred to as judicial interns, judicial externs or extern law clerks. While each role has subtle differences, the names may be used interchangeably with “legal intern.”

What is the difference between a legal intern and an extern?

The difference between a legal intern and an extern is that legal interns take on a role within an organization where they get on-the-job training, while an extern will be shadowing an industry professional in the daily course of their activities.

Externships tend to be more casual and shorter term — usually between a few days to a few weeks. Internships give you more hands-on experience and can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Either role can be paid or unpaid or offer college credit.

What skills should a legal intern have?

Legal interns will learn many new skills on the job, but they should still bring their A-game to the position.

Top skills for legal interns include:

  1. Organization: Exceptional organization skills will do you well for a career in law.
  2. Research: Legal internships always involve research, such as searching and analyzing background information.
  3. Time management: The legal system is a tightly run ship, and lawyers bill by the minute, so having excellent time management is essential.
  4. Verbal and written communication: Language skills are critical to understanding and interpreting the law.
  5. Basic administrative abilities: Already understanding filing and data entry will go a long way.

What do you learn as a law intern?

Legal interns will learn a lot during their internship that’ll be valuable throughout their career.

Here are some of the skills law interns will learn:

  • Drafting memos, motions and briefs
  • Crafting legal arguments
  • Researching legal databases
  • Understanding case studies
  • Reading statutes

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