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Quality Assurance Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Labs, factories, and businesses of all types hire quality assurance technicians to ensure that quality standards are being met. Employers in any business look for quality assurance technicians who have previous quality control experience, as well as specific abilities.

Write Testing Procedures Quality assurance technicians create testing procedures to ensure that standards are being met.

Perform Inspection Checks Quality assurance technicians perform regular inspection tests on equipment and materials to verify that everything is functioning properly and efficiently and that there are no safety hazards.

Keep Work Environment Safe Quality assurance technicians ensure all employees in the company are following safety procedures and quality control standards are being met.

Calibrate and Clean Equipment Quality assurance technicians calibrate and clean equipment in the workplace so that all machinery continues to operate safely and at peak performance.

Optimize Profits Quality assurance technicians optimize profits by reducing waste and finding more efficient methods of conducting business.


Quality Assurance Technician Skills and Qualifications

In addition to industry-specific experience, employers hiring quality assurance technicians look for employees who display a certain skill set. Succeed in this career by mastering these abilities:
  • Communication - quality assurance technicians write detailed, quality guidelines and materials
  • Detail-oriented - an attention to detail is necessary for the tests and inspections conducted by quality assurance technicians
  • Management experience - quality assurance technicians supervise others, so many employers look for candidates who have past management experience
  • Computer knowledge - quality assurance technicians use a variety of software programs, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and various databases used by the company for which they work
  • Problem-solving - quality assurance technicians look for ways to improve profitability and efficiency

Quality Assurance Technician Education and Training

Employers look for quality assurance technicians who have a bachelor's degree or related work experience in the industry to which they are applying for a job. Past work experience in a quality control position or in the industry one is applying to is also required. Quality assurance technicians receive on-the-job-training to become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the company and the staff that works there, as well as the equipment and materials used by the company. This training period varies by industry and by company, though a two-week period of training is standard for many businesses.

Quality Assurance Technician Salary and Outlook

Based on detailed information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, quality control inspectors earned a median yearly wage of $36,780 in 2016 or $17.68 hourly. In 2016, there were 520,700 quality control inspection jobs available. Through 2026, the available jobs in this career field are expected to decline by 11 percent, a significant decrease. Quality assurance technicians receive a full benefits package from employers which includes health, dental, vision, and life insurance. Paid vacation leave, 401K, and profit-sharing benefits are routinely offered as well. Some companies may provide other job perks, such as free childcare and free meals for employees.

Helpful Resources

Find tips, tricks, and career opportunities for quality assurance technicians using these resources:

Quality Assurance Association - QAA provides resources for quality assurance professionals in all industries, including information about training programs and a regular newsletter containing data and news bulletins.

The Quality Technician's Handbook (6th Edition) - This book provides information about the core skills quality technicians need, including step-by-step guides that relate to quality control duties.

Society of Quality Assurance - This website provides safety information and resources for quality assurance professionals who work with people, animals, and environmental health issues of all types.

Quality Assurance: Software Quality Assurance Made Easy (Quality Assurance, Hacking, Human Interaction, Computers, Computer Management) - Use this book to learn how to work with quality assurance software in various types of industries.

ASQ - Visit ASQ to find information about certification and training programs for quality assurance professionals, as well as conference and event dates, and online communities offering support and networking opportunities.

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