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Assistant Team Leader Duties and Responsibilities

Specific daily job duties for assistant team leaders vary based on their employer and the industry they work in. However, assistant team leaders perform several core job responsibilities no matter where they work, which include the following:

Hire and Train Employees Assistant team leaders assist the team leader in hiring, training, and supervising staff members and sales teams. This includes assigning individual work tasks and assessing employee work performance.

Maintain Property Visual Appeal Assistant team leaders are responsible for keeping the business property visually appealing to clients and customers inside and out. This includes keeping the property clean and organized and attractively arranging promotional displays. Assistant team leaders also monitor employee and personal appearance to ensure it adheres to company standards.

Create Staff Schedules The assistant team leader helps assign employee work shifts and schedule work tasks, meetings, and other events.

Follow Opening and Closing Procedures Assistant team leaders manage business opening and closing procedures, including following all safety and alarm system protocols.

Prepare Bank Deposits Assistant team leaders collect cash and checks from registers and sales teams to prepare regular bank deposits and on-site cash drops.

Maintain Inventory Assistant team leaders monitor inventory and maintain accurate inventory records. They also order new inventory items as needed to replace sold stock.

Interact with Customers Assistant team leaders answer phones and greet clients and customers who walk into the business, addressing any questions or problems they have and finding satisfying solutions to their complaints.


Assistant Team Leader Skills and Qualifications

Assistant team leaders are management professionals who lead employees by example, adhering to all company policies and assisting the team leader at all times. Businesses that hire assistant team leaders look for candidates who display the following essential job skills:

  • Leadership skills – assistant team leaders supervise, encourage, and direct other staff members, which requires strong leadership abilities
  • Salesmanship – employers seek assistant team leaders who display sales skills or past sales experience
  • Customer service – assistant team leaders address customer complaints and greet customers, which requires good customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills – assistant team leaders manage staff problems and daily operations problems, which requires them to have excellent problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills – assistant team leaders need strong verbal communication skills to act as a liaison between staff and upper management by answering questions, providing guidance, and making suggestions regarding business sales and operations
  • Multitasking skills – assistant team leaders manage multiple staff members and tasks simultaneously, which takes good multitasking abilities
  • Computer comprehension – assistant team leaders need basic computer skills to work with various sales and management software programs, including cash registers and spreadsheets

Assistant Team Leader Education and Training

Employers look for assistant team leaders who have a GED or high school diploma. Candidates who have a two- or four-year college degree in retail or business management are strongly preferred by employers, though past work experience can substitute for a formal degree. Assistant team leaders go through an extensive paid training period spanning two to four weeks. During this time, they work closely with the team leader to become familiar with daily operations and the rest of the staff.


Assistant Team Leader Salary and Outlook

Job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that customer service representatives in all fields earn a median annual income of $32,300, or $15.53 hourly. Assistant team leaders and customer service representatives perform many of the same core job functions. Jobs in this field are projected to grow at a rate of 5 percent through 2026, which is as fast as the average national job growth rate. Assistant team leaders typically receive basic health insurance coverage. This does not usually include dental, vision, or life insurance benefits. In sales-driven industries, assistant team leaders receive a commission bonus in addition to their base salary as a standard job benefit.


Helpful Resources

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