NOC Technician Job Description

When a business experiences computer networking issues, who do they call? Chances are they’ll turn to a Network Operations Center (NOC), where a NOC technician can help them diagnose and resolve their issues. NOC technicians monitor networks and maintain and repair routers, firewalls, and switches. These professionals exercise computer, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills on a daily basis. NOC technicians are typically full-time employees who work for computer manufacturers, telecommunications companies, or corporate IT departments. They usually enjoy health benefits, vacation days, paid time off, and even bonuses in some cases. High levels of job satisfaction are reported for this occupation.


NOC Technician Duties and Responsibilities

NOC technicians work in a variety of organizations. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary, but there are several core tasks associated with the job, including:

Monitor and Troubleshoot Networks

It is up to NOC technicians to monitor network hardware to ensure the proper operations of routers, switches, firewalls, and remote technologies. They field incoming calls, help clients troubleshoot networking issues, diagnose network and server problems, and provide resolutions. They also answer client questions regarding network features and services.

Provide Preventative Maintenance of Network Equipment

NOC technicians oversee the preventative maintenance of all networking equipment for various industries. They repair and replace switches and routers, configure new servers, run tests, and perform upgrades to hardware and software to make sure networks run with no interruption due to failures or outages.

Schedule Field Technicians

Sometimes it is necessary to address networking issues on-site; in these cases, NOC technicians relay details about network issues to field technicians and schedule them to go to client locations to work on networking equipment. They maintain field technician schedules, assist technicians on the phone, and keep records of repairs made for each client.

Document Calls and Service Results

NOC technicians document all incoming calls and record the technical issues addressed in each call. They maintain logs of resolutions, communicate with vendors about ongoing problems, and use a ticketing system to update information regarding the progress of each call.


NOC Technician Skills and Qualifications

Success in this field depends on one’s ability to diagnose and resolve issues using technical abilities, computer knowledge, and analytical skills. Candidates for these types of jobs should display the following:

  • Familiarity with networking technology – understanding how networking technologies work and the ability to replace and install routers, switches, and other equipment is vital for NOC technicians
  • Computer skills – NOC technicians must have knowledge of computer operating systems, databases, software engineering, and wireless technologies
  • Customer service – resolving customer networking issues in a timely and successful manner is an important aspect of being a NOC technician
  • Troubleshooting – NOC technicians employ troubleshooting skills for nearly every phone call to determine the cause of network issues
  • Analytical thinking – analyzing given information about network problems to arrive at real solutions is a must for NOC technicians
  • Problem-solving skills – after diagnosing network problems, NOC technicians use this skill to provide effective resolutions
  • Communication skills – strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for conversing with other technicians, clients, vendors, and managers; listening skills are needed to understand client concerns and issues


NOC Technician Education and Training

Some employers seek NOC technician job candidates who hold at least an associate’s degree in electronics or a related area, though larger companies might require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, network engineering, or information technology. Degree programs in these areas provide courses that focus on local area and wireless networks, network protocols, data storage, software engineering, telecommunications, and data communications. Continuing education is important for these professionals to keep up with recent technological advances. Professional certification, such as Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or CompTIA Network +, are not usually required but can be helpful to begin or advance in this career.


NOC Technician Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer network support specialists (such as NOC technicians) earn an annual median salary of just over $62,000. Those earning in the 10th percentile make nearly $37,000, while NOC technicians earning top pay realize a yearly median salary of more than $105,000.

NOC technicians working for telecommunication companies are among the highest paid, earning an annual mean wage of $72,000. Those working in data processing earn about the same, while NOC technicians involved in the computer systems design industry can earn over $68,400. At just over $92,000, NOC technicians employed in the District of Columbia are paid the highest annual salary in the U.S., followed by Massachusetts (just over $81,500) and New Jersey ($81,000).

NOC technicians can expect to see an 8 percent employment growth rate through 2026, the BLS reports. A continued increase in upgrades and complex equipment will likely fuel this projected growth over the next decade.


Helpful Resources

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