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Web Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Web consultants perform varying job duties based on the websites they're designing, the size of their client base, and whether they work for themselves or for a full-time, permanent employer. Despite these differing factors, most web consultants carry out the following core duties:

Design Websites and Web Applications Web consultants design websites for businesses of all sizes and types. They also design web applications using HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

Create SEO Strategies Web consultants create and implement SEO strategies to boost web traffic.

Write Code Web consultants write code from scratch to export data, connect applications, and design new web pages.

Interview Clients Web consultants interview clients to learn more about their online needs and find out what they want from their website.

Maintain Existing Sites Web consultants maintain existing websites and web pages, and update web portals as needed.

Monitor Web Traffic Web consultants monitor and analyze web traffic to see where pages are succeeding and where they are not, making adjustments as necessary.


Web Consultant Skills and Qualifications

Web consultants are detail-oriented professionals with a good eye for graphic design and a strong knowledge of website optimization and programming who create web pages based on a client's needs and brand image. Employers hire web consultants who display the following additional skills:
  • Coding - web consultants need good programming skills in multiple web coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, and Java
  • Graphic design - web consultants add graphic images to design highly visual web pages, so graphic design skills are a must-have
  • Computer skills - web consultants have strong computer skills and know how to work with various types of software, particularly content management software, Skype, Photoshop, and similar programs
  • Communication skills - because web consultants receive information from clients and turn it into web pages, good verbal and written communication skills are required for this job
  • Customer service - web consultants deliver a product to various clients, which means they need strong customer service skills
  • Time management - web consultants work within tight deadlines to deliver web pages to clients, which requires time management skills
  • Attention to detail - as web consultants write code and tweak existing web pages to boost traffic, keen attention to detail is essential for this job

Web Consultant Education and Training

Some employers require web consultants to have an associate's or bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field. However, there are often no formal education requirements for this job. Many web consultants are self-taught professionals and receive jobs from clients and employers based on their past experience and portfolios of web pages they have previously designed. Because web consultants already have all the skills and experience needed to design web pages prior to being hired, no training is provided for this job in most cases. Typically, web consultants begin designing and optimizing web pages immediately upon being hired.

Web Consultant Salary and Outlook

Employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that web developers earn $67,990 in median annual pay, or $32.69 hourly. Web consultants and web developers perform similar job tasks, and the two titles can be interchangeable. The BLS expects employment of web developers to rise 15 percent by 2026. This rate is much faster than the national average. Full-time web consultants usually receive basic benefits that include major medical coverage, paid holidays, and vacation leave. However, web consultants who work for themselves as freelancers receive no benefits at all. Independent contractors are responsible for their own healthcare, vacation, retirement, and life insurance needs.

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