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Warehouse Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Warehouse coordinators manage inventory and inventory operations for a vast variety of businesses and industries and may find employment with a number of different companies that provide products and materials to clients. In any industry, the main duties of warehouse coordinators include:

Unload and Load Deliveries Various vendors supply the warehouse with stock that is later distributed to clients and customers. Warehouse coordinators assist with unloading delivery trucks and loading trucks that are removing sold items from the warehouse.

Purchase Inventory Items Warehouse coordinators purchase new inventory as items are removed from the warehouse, using either the phone or the internet to make these orders.

Sort and Stock Warehouse Shelves Warehouse coordinators are responsible for keeping the warehouse neat and well-organized by sorting inventory and stocking the warehouse with these items. Sweeping and light cleaning duties are also necessary to keep the warehouse neat.

Maintain Inventory Records Warehouse coordinators maintain inventory records so that inventory lists and/or databases reflect how much stock is in the warehouse at any given time. Warehouse coordinators also create regular reports showing which inventory items are being purchased and sold.

Prepare Inventory for Shipping and Distribution When orders for items come into the warehouse, the warehouse coordinator pulls these items from the shelves to ready it for shipping and other types of distribution to customers.

Schedule Inventory Deliveries Warehouse coordinators schedule incoming inventory deliveries and coordinate the schedule so that only one delivery arrives at a time, to avoid chaos and confusion in the warehouse.

Follow All Safety Standards Warehouse coordinators must ensure that safety practices and policies are followed at all times for their own safety and the safety of others who may be coming into or going out of the warehouse.


Warehouse Coordinator Skills and Qualifications

Warehouse coordinators manage, stock, and prepare large amounts of inventory on a daily basis, which requires them to be detail-oriented professionals who can juggle multiple tasks while maintaining safety standards. In addition, warehouses that hire coordinators want employees who can display the following skills:
  • Communication - Warehouse coordinators direct vendors, make warehouse purchases, and create written reports, so they must have good communication skills to complete these tasks
  • Basic Computer Knowledge - Because warehouse coordinators enter information into inventory database systems in order to track and manage warehouse stock, employers look for professionals who have basic computer skills to perform this job
  • Physical Ability - Warehouse coordinators lift and move inventory, which requires muscular strength, and they spend hours walking and standing in the course of their daily duties
  • Organization - Warehouse coordinators must keep inventory well-stocked and sorted so that items are easy to find at all times, which requires good organization skills
  • Management Skills - Warehouse coordinators make stock purchases, schedule deliveries, and direct staffers toward specific inventory items, so candidates who have experience in management are highly desirable to employers

Warehouse Coordinator Salary and Outlook

Based on national job statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that "Hand Laborers and Material Movers" earned a $24,880 median income in 2016, or an hourly wage of $11.96. Warehouse coordinators fall into the hand laborer and material mover category, an occupation that is growing nationwide by 7 percent through 2026. This is the US job growth average. There were nearly 4 million jobs available for hand laborers and material movers in 2016. PayScale estimates that warehouse coordinators earn a median hourly salary of $15.39. Warehouse coordinators typically receive a full package of health benefits that includes dental and vision insurance. Worker's compensation benefits, retirement packages, and life insurance are usually offered as well. Some companies may also offer annual bonuses and paid vacation leave to warehouse coordinators.

Helpful Resources

Find career resources and tips to succeed as a warehouse coordinator with these books and websites:

The Resource for Warehouse Logistics - IWLA contains resources for warehouse coordinators and workers of all kinds, including events calendars, education information, industry news, and a full library of content containing tips and guides.

Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse - Learn all the ins and outs of managing and coordinating a warehouse with this complete guide by Gwynne Richards and start to master the daily responsibilities of managing the inventory and people in the warehouse.

Warehousing Education and Research Council - Visit WERC to find online learning materials, certification programs, and career opportunities for warehouse coordinators and other warehouse professionals.

Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse - Learn the best practices for successfully managing a warehouse and discover tips to reduce costs and perform daily warehouse operations with this book by Gwynne Richards.

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