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How to Format an Inventory Clerk Resume

Choosing the correct format for an inventory clerk resume is an integral part of the job search. The good news is, for most job seekers, the answer is obvious: the chronological resume format. This classic format is a favorite of recruiters and job seekers alike because it makes a candidate’s work history easy to grasp. The bulk of the page in this format is devoted to a list of the applicant’s previous jobs beginning with their most recent one.

Other job seekers may prefer an alternative format, like the functional or combination resumes. The functional resume, also known as skills-based, puts skills and qualifications in the foreground, downplaying a candidate’s work history. This is an excellent choice for someone who lacks work experience. The combination resume is excellent in that it splits the difference between the other two formats, giving equal weight to skills and experience.

Let’s see how the candidates below differ in their approach. Candidate A chose the chronological resume because his work history is consistent and impressive. Candidate B, who possesses many of the same skills, opted for a functional resume because he only has one year of professional work under his belt. Review the examples to see how the approaches differ. Similarities are in bold.

Chronological Resume

Candidate A

  • 6years in workforce
  • 2 year in current role
  • HS High School Diploma

Work Experience

Warehouse Inventory Clerk, Quick Imports
09/2020–Current, Savannah, GA

  • Created thousands of detailed records on received materials, noting the quantity, price, status and content attributes
  • Performed clerical arithmetic of the record database, prepping in-depth work reports for senior officials to improve productivity.
  • Strengthened relationships with transportation and merchandise personnel to create a streamlined process for delivering material details, saving the team 10+ hours weekly.
  • Sorted defective items out of the stock in observance of disposal/recycling rules.
  • Worked directly with QC and on-hand chemists to meet finished goods standards.

Functional Resume

Candidate B

  • 1 year in workforce
  • 1 year in current role
  • BA Business Administration

Areas of Expertise


  • Generated and regularly updated 500+ detailed records on received materials to note the quantity, price, status and content attributes.
  • Created a streamlined process for delivering material details, cutting more than 20 hours of work from the process.
  • Performed clerical arithmetic of the record database, prepping in-depth work reports for senior officials to improve productivity.

Materials Handling

  • Skilled at sorting defective items out of the inventory, following safety standards and disposal/recycling rules
  • Accelerated the process for evaluating finished goods by 15% by collaborating directly with QC.

Inventory Clerk Resume FAQ.

What does an inventory clerk do?

Inventory clerks are responsible for keeping detailed inventory records, creating reports and conducting the stock count. Their day-to-day tasks include delivering goods, refilling stock, counting inventory and updating information in a central database.

What is an inventory clerk’s job description?

An inventory clerks job description would include

  • Receiving, counting and unpacking inventory
  • Labeling shelves
  • Maintaining records
  • Reporting discrepancies
  • Approving invoices for payment
  • Performing the occasional physical inventory count
  • Reviewing purchase orders

What skills does an inventory clerk need?

Inventory clerks possess a wide range of skills, including:

  • Problem-solving
  • Math proficiency
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Routine paperwork
  • Ordering supplies
  • Restocking items
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Organizational skills