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Onboarding Specialist Resume FAQ

What should I put on my resume for human resources?

Make your resume stand out with these seven top essential skills for your resume:

  1. Employee relations
  2. Onboarding
  3. Human resources information software
  4. Training and developmental skills
  5. Business management skills
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Communication skills

Showcase your skills with six to eight bullets that highlight your leadership and HR experience. Then organize your credentials with the right type of resume format.

For seasoned candidates, the chronological format will show off your experience; or, you can choose a functional format to highlight skills rather than experience.

You can also learn how to keep your resume in demand with our hundreds of job-specific resume examples to inspire you to create a job-winning resume quickly and easily.

What are the responsibilities of an onboarding specialist?

The biggest role of an onboarding specialist is to welcome new hires to the team. Their major responsibilities include preparing contracts, payroll information, job descriptions and maintaining the employee handbook.

They guide you through each step of the hiring process, setting up orientation and introducing newcomers to the company culture.

Onboarding specialists also coordinate job-specific trainings and help new hires fit into their new role.

How do I become a good onboarding specialist?

Effective verbal and written communication skills are a must for a good onboarding specialist. Combining key skills such as organizational skills and time management also help set you apart.

Having the proper certifications or a bachelor’s degree in human resources management or customer service is highly recommended. Having different levels of education and credentials can help you land a better paying job.

Other outstanding qualities of a good onboarding specialist are having a firm grasp of employee relations and experience using different types of human resources information systems.