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Senior Customer Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Providing quality customer service and mentoring new employees involves many tasks. We researched many senior customer service representative job descriptions to come up with the following list of common duties and responsibilities:

Maintain Product Expertise In order to answer customer complaints and questions, senior customer service representatives must be experts in the products offered by their employer. This requires one to take the initiative to master every feature and benefit of each product.

Answer Customer Questions through Phone and Email In addition to their regular duties of answering customers basic questions, senior customer service representatives are responsible for handling complaints that are too complex to be handled by junior staff.

Enter Data to Process Sales and Upsell When Appropriate Some senior customer service representatives work with their employer's salespeople to complete sales that they make while in the field. A lot of direct sales companies are structured this way. In this setting, they may be required to upsell add-on products.

Assist Management in Training and Developing Customer Service Representatives Since senior customer service representatives have years of experience and are being groomed for a management position, they are responsible for enforcing their employer's training and development program. They may also be assigned a junior employee to mentor.

Keep Track of Customer Conversations Senior customer service representatives use customer relationship management software to document each customer interaction to help streamline the customer service process and notice trends to report back to the product development team.


Senior Customer Service Representative Education and Training

There are no formal educational requirements for this position other than a high school diploma. This position can only be achieved by someone who has at least a couple of years of experience as a junior customer service representative.

Senior Customer Service Representative Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for senior customer service representatives is $41,753. Those at the low end of the scale make $28,000, while those at the high end of the scale make $43,000.

Senior Customer Service Representative Resources

If you work in customer service and aspire to be a senior customer service representative, check out the list of resources below:

National Customer Service Association - The National Customer Service Association focuses on building the customer service skills of its members. It offers customer service training programs that are highly respected in the industry and in-person workshops through local chapters around the country. International Customer Service Association - The International Customer Service Association offers its members several professional development resources. It has an online section that lists various training tools and publications, as well as help for senior customer service representatives looking for a new job.

Help Scout - Help Scout, a customer service software company, has an excellent blog it updates regularly with articles and videos written to help its audience develop customer service skills.

Surviving Customer Service: Avoid Burnout, Develop Valuable Career Skills - This book provides excellent strategies for building the mental strength necessary to deal with customer complaints on a constant basis. It's a great read for senior customer service representatives who want to build career skills.

Customer Service Representatives: Last-Minute Interview Preparation Questions - This book is the perfect resource for senior customer service representatives who need to prepare for a job interview.

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