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Hotel Night Auditor Duties and Responsibilities

Smaller hotels may require the hotel night auditor to work the front desk and balance the daily ledger, while larger establishments will hire separate people to manage the front desk. However, when a hotel night auditor holds a dual position - front desk manager and auditor - some core tasks are universal. Based on our review of job listings, common tasks are:

Answer the Phone A hotel night auditor is often the only contact for people who call during overnight hours. The ability to access voicemails and transfer calls correctly is key. In addition, the auditor may have to arrange wake-up calls for guests.

Balance the Ledger Night auditors are responsible for accounting for the day's cash flow, reconciling guest accounts, and preparing a daily revenue report. If errors are detected, the night auditor will have to research the cause. If the cause can't be found, the auditor will need to notify the hotel manager the next day. Hotel night auditors might also need to review supply delivery slips and compare them against the inventory received to verify no errors were made in the order.

Check Guests In and Out Undoubtedly, the night auditor will have guests checking in and out during all hours of their shift. Whether assisting guests arriving on red-eye flights or guests getting an early start to their day, the night auditor must be available for the influx and outflow of traffic as necessary.

Handle Guest Requests and Complaints Given the number of guests staying at any one time in a hotel, issues are bound to rise. Sometimes guests will contact the front desk with simple requests such as extra pillows or towels. Other times a maintenance issue may arise, such as an air conditioner that's not cooling properly. And, sometimes, guests complain about noise or rowdiness from other hotel guests.

Handle Overnight Emergencies Although overnight emergencies aren't a common occurrence, they can happen. For example, in the event of a medical emergency with a guest, the front desk may be contacted, and the hotel night auditor must remain a calm and resourceful point of contact. Other emergencies can include a water pipe bursting, a fire occurring, or a guest falling down the stairway.


Hotel Night Auditor Skills and Qualifications

Hotel night auditors ensure that the hotel ledger balances out, so basic mathematical skills are critical. Employers also seek applicants with these abilities:
  • Attention to detail - when reviewing figures and credit card transactions and counting cash, night auditors must be tuned into details to avoid errors
  • Organization skills - a hotel night auditor who is responsible for manning the front desk in addition to auditing the day's transactions must be organized enough to accomplish everything they need to for the day staff
  • Patience - in customer service, various issues arise that test the patience of employees. From lost reservations to a dissatisfactory room assignment, guests will have complaints that must be dealt with in a patient manner
  • Problem-solving skills - from tracking down facts and figures related to accounting to dealing with rule-breaking guests, hotel night auditors need to be ready to solve problems
  • Interpersonal skills - throughout their shift, a hotel night auditor receives phone calls and speaks face-to-face with guests and other people who have reason to come to the hotel. Because the hotel night auditor is often the face of the hotel during nighttime hours, good interpersonal skills are vital

Hotel Night Auditor Salary and Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the hotel night auditor's median annual salary as $39,240, with a median hourly wage of $18.87. A hotel night auditor in the 10th percentile earns approximately $24,600 a year, while the highest paid in the field make $66,070 a year. According to the BLS, 1.7 million hotel night auditors are employed in the United States. An employment decline of 1 percent is expected by 2026.

Helpful Resources

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