Property Consultant Resume Examples

Property Consultants advise customers purchasing real estate. Common duties described in a Property Consultant resume sample include prospecting potential clients, placing advertisements in the media, offering financial advice, researching economic trends, and handling paperwork. Typical resume examples for this job highlight qualifications like real estate expertise, selling abilities, communication and negotiation skills, customer service orientation, and computer competencies. Most Property Consultants make display of a college degree in real estate or a similar field in their resumes.

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Property Consultant Resume Success Stories


Property Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

In their effort to advice people about property-purchasing decisions, Property Consultants perform a variety of tasks. Our analysis of job postings reveals these activities as among the most common:

Finding Clients Property Consultants spend much of their time trying to attract customers. Actions might include cold-calling, following up on leads, advertising and making business presentations to investor clubs and other interested groups.

Conducting Research Property Consultants keep a close eye on available real estate. They also pay attention to market trends, demographics and other information that affects the buying and selling process.

Building Relationships To better serve their clients, Property Consultants talk with them about their needs. They learn about their likes and dislikes, help them with financing concerns and answer any questions about the buying process. Property Consultants and their customers often visit sites together.

Handling Paperwork Property Consultants, especially in conjunction with legal professionals, may prepare the documents involved in the buying/selling process.


Property Consultant Skills

Property Consultants need good interpersonal skills. Their ability to listen and ask questions can make all the difference in customer satisfaction. Other qualities often found among successful Property Consultants include:
  • Communicating clearly so that clients understand the information you're presenting and their options
  • Negotiating effectively in order to work out potential problems that would cause a deal to collapse
  • Exhibiting math aptitude to handle and explain financial situations
  • Marketing oneself effectively because you don't have a job if you can't attract customers!

Property Consultant Education and Training

Property Consultants frequently hold a college degree in real estate, business or a related field. They also usually possess a real estate agent or broker's license in their state. People often work in other aspects of real estate, such as leasing or property management, for several years before embarking on a career as a Property Consultant.

Property Consultant Resources

As you continue to look into becoming a Property Consultant, these books and organizations may be helpful:

Be a Consultant, Not Just a Salesperson: Putting All the Pieces Together in Residential Real Estate Sales by Nelson Zide - Sure, selling may be your ultimate goal, but the career involves providing much more to clients. Learn how to develop and showcase your strengths in order to gain a reputation as a top-notch Property Consultant.

Your Successful Real Estate Career by Kenneth W. Edwards - The fifth edition of this paperback published by the American Management Association has been described by reviewers as "the bible for countless aspiring real estate professionals" and "no nonsense ins and outs of surviving and thriving in real estate."

International Association of Real Estate Consultants - With a stated mission to "train savvy real estate agents to become consumer-centric real estate consultants, creating a win/win for the profession and consumers alike," this organization can be a great place for aspiring Property Consultants to turn to for advice.

National Association of Realtors - Property Consultants can keep up with the latest developments in the ever-changing world of real estate through the website sponsored by this trade association of 1.2 million members strong.

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