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Leasing Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

The specific duties performed by leasing consultants vary based on the type, location, and size of the properties they lease. However, these core duties are common across the industry:

Process Lease Applications Leasing consultants process lease applications. This includes answering prospective residents' questions, verifying references, and collecting application fees.

Manage Records and Paperwork Leasing consultants organize and prepare move-in paperwork, lease renewals, and move-out forms for clients. They also create files for each resident and maintain them with accurate, up-to-date records.

Inspect and Clean Properties Leasing consultants keep the leasing office, clubhouse, and model properties clean. This includes auditing vacant properties and property grounds daily.

Process Service Requests Leasing consultants receive and log service requests from existing tenants and pass these requests on to maintenance staff. This often includes scheduling vendors and outside maintenance staff to repair plumbing, electrical, and other property issues.

Answer Phones and Greet Residents Leasing consultants answer phones and greet current and prospective residents who enter the leasing office.

Accept Payments Leasing consultants accept rent, late fees, and security deposits from renters.


Leasing Consultant Skills and Qualifications

Leasing consultants use customer service and sales skills to find new clients and rent out properties, guiding prospective tenants through every step of the rental process. Employers prefer leasing consultants with the following additional skills:
  • Management - leasing consultants direct property maintenance staff and outside vendors, which requires some management skills
  • Problem-solving skills - leasing consultants resolve problems on the property and assist tenants, so employers look for candidates who have problem-solving abilities
  • Customer service - leasing consultants use customer service skills to respond to tenant complaints and address problems. Strong interpersonal skills help them make good impressions on potential renters and smooth over resident problems
  • Salesmanship - leasing consultants use sales skills to rent out properties to clients and provide property tours
  • Mathematics - some math skills are essential for leasing consultants, who receive and process payments for rent, security deposits, and application fees
  • Communication skills - leasing consultants need excellent verbal and written communication skills to speak with staff, potential renters, and existing tenants, and to process various written forms and paperwork
  • Computer skills - computer and data entry skills are essential for leasing consultants, who find leads via social media, process digital forms, and maintain digital client records

Leasing Consultant Education and Training

A majority of property managers require leasing consultants to have a high school diploma or equivalent. No additional training or education is required for this entry-level job, though candidates who have past property rental experience can stand out above other professionals. Because this is an entry-level position, employers provide leasing consultants with paid on-the-job training. This training period varies by employer but typically lasts no longer than two weeks.

Leasing Consultant Salary and Outlook

Data from PayScale estimates the median hourly income for leasing consultants at $13.42. Real estate brokers and sales agents earn $47,880 in median annual income, or $23.03 hourly, according to job data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Real estate brokers and sales agents perform many of the same duties as leasing consultants, such as renting properties. The BLS projects this field will grow 6 percent through 2026, which is as fast as the national job growth average. Some employers provide full-time leasing consultants with major medical coverage. Paid vacation and sick days are provided to full-time leasing consultants who maintain employment for 90 days or more. Additional benefits, such as life insurance, are not typically offered. Some employers may provide discounts on property rentals as an additional perk.

Helpful Resources

Use these resources to find education opportunities, job listings, property-related events, and helpful job tips and strategies for leasing consultants:

National Apartment Association - leasing consultants specializing in apartment rentals can find educational resources of all kinds at the NAA website, including information about certification programs and online learning courses

The 7 Secrets to Successful Apartment Leasing: Find Quality Renters, Fill Vacancies, and Maximize Your Rental Income - find the secrets to successfully leasing apartments in this book, which shares examples, to-do lists, and effective selling strategies

National Association of Residential Property Managers - leasing consultants can find educational resources, news updates, conference dates, and other industry information at this website

12 Habits of Great Apartment Leasing Consultants: The Ultimate Apartment Leasing Guide for Leasing Consultants Everywhere! - discover the 12 habits of successful property leasing consultants in this book, which teaches tips and strategies professionals at all career stages need to succeed

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